Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great Memories! St. George and Flagstaff Trips

Uncle Dave (who struggles with health problems) found added strength and took my boys under his wings while we were visiting and made sure they played their little hearts out. They loved this!

JJ felt peace while at Aunt Joann's and Uncle Dave's house. He slept in his pack and play crib all three nights without waking up screaming. This is a huge deal and a  blessing. It also helped me recognize that he had accepted the crib and would sleep in it while at other places. This was a blessing in Flagstaff as well!
Uncle Dave (who struggles with health problems) found added strength and took my boys under his wings while we were visiting and made sure they played their little hearts out. They loved this!

The boys felt right at home with Aunt Joann and she helped me keep the boys in line with their manners and obedience. I had asked for her help and she reminded me and showed me a few great but simple tips. Another great blessing!
We went to a little pond and fed the ducks and over to the main street park and let the boys play in the waterway. We all had a great time! We even worked up enough appitite in the boys that they finished all of their dinner (pasta) and asked for seconds! This was an accomplishment this trip!
I enjoyed my evenings soaking in a hot bath and reading while on this trip. This helped me a lot to unwind and prepare for the next day.

This was the first General Conference that we have ever had without Leif. I was so grateful for Joann and Dave's help and company. We all still missed Papa a lot and our General Conference traditions. I felt bad for Jakob when he told me that he could tell that he hadn't had a "normal" conference experience. Although, I know that this was a lot better then it would have been had we been completely alone and cooped up in our house the whole weekend.

I felt so blessed as I traveled and navigated through St. George. I felt very little fear. This is a huge blessing for me. One I am truly grateful for!!

We ended up staying in a nice hotel for three nights this trip. We had only planned on one night. But I am grateful for the time we had together. We felt blessed to be able to meet with a pediatrician AND a bone and joint specialist while we were there. They got us in without a wait. It was Amazing! They even rushed the insurance approval for the MRI that they ordered for Jakob. It would have been perfect if the MRI department had an opening while we were there. Unfortunately they didn't. So we have to go back. But in between all of the appointments and some stress we:

Went to the park by Papa's house and let the kids play. I insisted on a photo opp in front of a beautiful red leaved tree. The fall colors were beautiful!!
We also went to Thorpe park and had a picnic and played with the kids. Jakob found a boy his age and they ended up throwing a football together for a while. We always seem to find one or two new friends when we go to Flag. It makes me sad that we can't stay in touch and let the kids get to know each other. But it's still a fun highlight of the trips.

During one of the dinners at the hotel we met a neat family from Phoenix. Caleb opened up the door of conversation by telling the dad of the family that he loved him. This is a sweet character trait of Caleb's. He is very loving and out going. We had a nice visit with the family and again, I wished we could stay in touch. Luckily, we live in a day in age where we have Facebook and we've already "Friended" each other:)

A trip to Flagstaff wouldn't be complete for us without a trip to Bookman's. This is a second hand bookstore that feels more like a Barnes n' Noble then a Goodwill. We all love choosing a new book!!

Our last evening together the Vice President Debate was scheduled. Leif and I made a date of it and we endured Biden's mocking words and body language towards Ryan throughout the evening. Don't even get me started with politics. We'll just move on. That night Leif and I finally watched the movie Avengers. It was fun.

One of the funnier behind the scenes of our hotel stay was the fact that the suite that we stayed in had two rooms (yippee!!) But one room had both nice queen beds and the other room had a pull out couch. Leif and I pulled the heavy nice mattress out to the couch and switched the mattresses.:) That way all of the boys could be in their own beds (less fighting and wrestling) and Leif and I had our our room WITH a nice bed!:)

Overall we had a great trip. We hit some bad weather coming home. And I'm always teary eyed as I drive out of Flagstaff. But once I work through my emotions I am able to enjoy my fun boys while they're strapped in seat belts and immobile. Half the trip they watch a movie and the other half we usually end up talking and listening to music. Caleb likes to help me look out for the storm clouds. What would I do without them!?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Running Home

running away run away  running away picture

My kid's are starting to feel like traveling gypsies. Jakob swears he's only slept in his own bed once this month. He might be right. Well, not quite. But it seems like it to him. Poor kids. Lucky for them I've taken them to places and people whom they love.  We've stayed in Alton, St. George, and Flagstaff this month. 

Of course there are "reasons" for the visits and road trips. A need for company, shopping, general conference, doctor's appointments, etc. But along with those surface needs and requirements, the deep down truth is that I'm just running - searching. I'm running even though I am utterly exhausted. 

I just hate doing all of this every day-all day- alone. I just can't believe there isn't a better way. I should be stronger. More supportive. Less whiny. Grateful. Content.  -And sometimes I am.- 

But tonight I just want to run. Run to a home that fits all of us together. A home that fits within our budget. A home... together. Why is that so out of reach? Why is that so wrong?
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