Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling So Blessed!

I have still been incredibly tired and not feeling well this week. But I can't help but see many blessings every day and on the horizon. I have been able to take my Little's (Caleb and JJ) to the library and to run a few errands. I have also had two days in a row where Caleb has agreed to nap, which means I have been able to nap. These little things feel very big right now.

Leif also found out that there will be enough Federal Student Aid offered to him this Fall and Spring to cover his tuition! We weren't sure if there would be any offered to him. So this is a huge blessing.

Perhaps the biggest blessing to surface for me personally is actually something that I can't discuss right now on my blog because it has to do with someone else. But let's just say my year without Leif has just become a lot less lonely and overwhelming. Thank you Dear Father!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Family is Love

Tonight I sat down to rest in my favorite rocking chair and watched a precious scene unfold before me. It probably wouldn't be anything grand or special in another person's eyes. But it was priceless to me.

Try to picture this because I chose not to take a picture in fear that I would break the spell. Jakob was sitting in the baby highchair, tray and all, giggling away. Leif was standing behind Jakob with hair clippers in hand, cutting Jakob's hair. Jakob was making a pile of his hair insisting on putting it in a baggy labeled "Jakob's Hair 2012 - 7 Years Old." All the while Caleb was sitting in his Bob the Builder undies on a chair facing the white board drawing a huge "who knows what" on the board, enjoying every moment of his freedom. JJ was sitting on my lap drawing on the MagnetiDoodle Pad.

To add to an already great night I found myself laying on my bed once again trying to sneak in a little rest only to quickly be surrounded by my precious boys. Jakob is a boy after my own heart and he asked for ice cream as our Family Home Evening dessert. So without much fuss we dished up ice cream and ate it together while listening to samples of Veggies Tales songs off of Amazon. Such a sweet simple moment. That led us directly into bedtime scripture study and I chose the scripture to read. I chose the verse from Luke in the bible "For with God nothing is impossible." Jakob climbed up into my lap after prayers and asked for "Snuggle Time." I held him and sang my song to him, Blue Skies. I got interrupted just before the end phrase. He finished it for me.:) All together the evening clearly illustrated the truth that, to me, my Family is Love.    
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