Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hubby Post- Amazing Jakob Quote

We've been meaning to write some fun quotes of our children.  We just forget to, then we forget what they are.  I'll write some as I remember them.

We asked Jakob how a surprise school bus ride was..."It was violent and they didn't have seat belts."  ... Parents standing with mouth wide open!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Moving Forward Behind the Scenes

I haven't written much lately about life behind the scenes. You've probably gathered that Leif and I kinda like each other from the last two posts;)  But other then that, I'll take a minute and ramble about life and it's vicissitudes.

We're anxiously awaiting a letter from NAU letting us know our future (Nursing program this year or not.) We should know by mid March at the latest and next week at the earliest. Until then we're sitting on our tax return until we know whether it will go to a mini van or tuition.  Ahhh, the joys!

The Day Spa has been slow during the winter which is a major bummer! It makes us even more grateful that Leif is an EMT and is able to earn some money by helping those in need.

I've struggled for the last while with more fatigue then I've had in a long time. That's another reason I haven't written. I've basically kept things afloat and read. I finally went in to the doctor and overwhelmed him once again with all of my health frustrations. Along with taking a bunch of blood tests (as usual)  he gave me a medicine to help my energy level and food cravings. If you know me at all you know that I've tried the lifestyle of "All Natural" with no medications and I've tried medications when needed. Well, I'm convinced once again that some medications were invented just for me, and I am eternally grateful for them!  Last week I switched from Paxil to Lexapro and I think I like the difference. I take Ambien to help me sleep during the week that "aunt flow" visits (dang insomnia!) and now I take Phentermine once or twice a day depending on the need. Phentermine has brought me back to life and I only had a tiny square of a surprise Amberlyn chocolate bar tonight from Leif and I was content to leave the rest for another time (a MIRACLE!)  I pray that it continues to help me as time goes on!!

I know that most of you don't care at all what meds I take. But I never know who's reading my blog and if what's going on in my life just might be the answer to someone's prayers. So bear with me.

Jakob is doing really well at school! I'm so glad. He's progressed leaps and bounds with his reading and I am sooo pleased! There have been so many good reasons for putting him into school. I'm really glad we did. He has a few issues going on during recess with a few kids. But hopefully we can all work it out, or even better, he will work it out. I'm trying really hard to stand back and let him grow and take care of himself without interfering or ignoring too much. It's a delicate balance.

Jakob asked to bear his testimony during Fast and Testimony meeting this past week. He didn't want to say anything. He just wanted to read his favorite scripture. It was a Priceless moment. His favorite scripture fits him so well it's one of those "meant to be" things. The scripture is 1 Nephi 17:15 "Wherefore, I, Nephi did strive to keep the commandments of the Lord, and I did exhort my brethren to faithfulness and diligence."  Simple, but so like my Jakob.

Oh my sweet precious Caleb! If you know Caleb at all right now you know that he loves to give hugs and he wears his emotions on his sleeve (just like his Mama.) It is a common thing to hear Caleb tell you that he loves you. It is also common to hear him say that he doesn't like JJ or his kitty. He will tell you if he's afraid. And you will know if he is Mad! We are working on helping him with his temper. He can clear a table with his arm before you know what's happening. Then he will run somewhere to be alone. We're trying to help him skip the destruction/aggression part and move right to the moment alone part. So fun... Not!

Caleb's doing really well with potty training. I am so so grateful that it has never been a fight, so grateful! Caleb has also progressed drastically with his speech! We are thrilled. It was determined that he does need speech therapy but he was only on the lower end of the average range. So that was comforting. We went through hours of testing with him. Luckily it was more like hours of games with him. So he handled it well. It was most beneficial for Leif and I because it helped us see all of his many strengths and how they outweigh his weaknesses. We're really grateful for the help that we were given with him.

When Jakob was three+ years old he insisted on being rocked before bed (by Mama.) Caleb suddenly started doing the same thing. I admit that it's a sweet moment together right before bed. Even if I am Exhausted! Tonight he wanted to sing the ABC's as I held him. So Sweet!

Ahh My JJ. He's growing up SO FAST! Faster then any of my other kids. Having two older brothers to keep up with will do that. Luckily for me this past month JJ's hit a snuggling stage. He'll often come to me when I'm reading, or at the computer, or anywhere really, and lay his head up against my knee and snuggle me. Of course then I will pick him up and give him loves. Who could resist!?

JJ Loves to sing!! He loves to sing with Leif. He has since he was very young. This Sunday we had people looking back at us during Sacrament meeting because JJ was babbling right along to the Hymns in full voice. It's amazing!

So far JJ says with understanding: Papa, bye-bye, please (peas), thank you (tank you), ba ba (drink), and MMM (food). He shakes his head no and yes and he is a GIANT tease, to a fault! If I say no, he will race to finish doing what he's not supposed to. If I say come, he will run away. He loves to tease his brothers as well. Lovely!  But oh his laugh is like music to my ears! And he loves to laugh!!

My precious family! All I need to do is write an update like this every once in a while to reflect and remember all that I have been blessed with. So very blessed!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hubby Post - Role Reversals - To All You Mothers Out There

Hello Everyone!

Today Lena took Jakob to school while I stayed home with the 2 younger ones.  As she was leaving I joked saying "have a good day at the Spa (my work) I'll blog for you!"

First off, I KNOW Lena's day is much more than blogging.  I was just teasing.  But it did get me thinking...

This is for Lena and all the mothers like her.

This is for those...
  • whose morning may begin several times between 10pm and 7am.
  • who may be expected to clean up throw-up and worse several times a night.
  • who when morning comes is expected to dress, cleanup, feed multiple others before even taking a chance to use the restroom or brush her own teeth.
  • who after a long night, gather her multiple children around her and say goodbye to a husband for 8 or more hours.
  • who days consist of "clean up, change diaper, feed, clean up, entertain, clean up, feed, clean up, comfort, pray for patience, clean up, entertain, change diaper, clean up, feed, clean up, pray for patience..."
  • whose rare nap is broken up by "the child struggling to fall asleep, the child calling for snack, the phone ringing, the child who wakes up early, and the child that gets woke up early."
  • who yearns for there husbands to get home from work, only to remember he has "scouts, elders quorum, fire meeting, or EMT meeting" that he has to go to almost immediately after getting home.
  • who works hard to prepare healthy meals only to have children or even husbands want something else for dinner.
  • who seems to do laundry all day and then your children can't find any cloths in the morning for school.
  • whose most beautiful home decorations are stored indefinitely  for safety and whose most beautiful cloths are either from years bygone, or simply don't fit after that 3rd child.
  • whose most relaxing time during the day is when they are listening to "diego, bob the builder,..." in the background.
  • whose priority list is sometimes decided by their nose. (what stinks the worse...the diaper, the dirty dishes, dirty cloths, or garbage.)
  • who have to think hard about the last time they have done some of their favorite hobbies.
  • who look at a finished day and say..."well, I survived another one...too bad about the house though."
  • who have to put on a nice compassionate smile as her hubby tells her about the hard day at work and he wants to lay down for a few minutes.
  • who has a husband that occasionally surprises her with a date night, but includes a movie HE wants to see and food HE really enjoys.
  • who has a husband that complains there is no money, but then goes and buys _____ ...
  • who has a husband that is working hard to build a good income for the family so they will eventually have more time together, but is gone seemingly ALL the time now.
  • who wait with great anticipation for quiet time with your husband after the kids go to bed only to find out their favorite team has a game that night.
  • that have created the most beautiful children.
  • who put up with husbands like us...

To Lena and all those wonderful Mothers and Wives.

Love you Honey!
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