Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pinterest Ideas Please Come True!

Is there anyone out there who can make some of my Favorite Pinterest finds a REALITY! So many ideas, so little time and money. How much would this corner bunk bed set up cost? It just looks Awesome!!

Corner bunk bed unit.

Right now though, THIS is Exactly what we're looking at doing for Jakob! An attic bedroom down the center of the barn. We use all the space we have. And we mean ALL of it!
Attic Loft

And This is how he would get up to his bed. It might just keep JJ from climbing up there... for a few months;)

There are a few that I just might MAKE the time for. Like this: 
cool. and easy!

Friday, September 30, 2011

First Grade Home School September Review

What a fun month filled with great subjects to learn about and explore! Here is a list of what we covered this month and a few thoughts and favorites. 


The Revolutionary War - Liberty - The Declaration of Independence
Favorites: Liberty Kids episodes on Netflix, Magic Tree House Revolutionary War on Wednesday, Documentary The Revolution on Netflix, Art project Making the Betsy Ross Flag

Habitats and Their Animals
Favorites: William Beebe, books, books, books, Beavers IMAX on Netflix, Field trip to Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, March of the Penguins on Netflix, Art projects from Animal Habitats by Judy Press

The Middle Ages - King Arthur - Knights 
Favorites: History's Mysteries: Knights of Camelot on Netflix, Sword and the Stone by Disney, the book In the Time of Knights by Shelly Tanaka, the book A Hero's Guide to Warriors by Deborah Murrell, Paper Model Castle and Knights, More art project ideas

Favorites: The book A Child's Story of the Book of Mormon

Favorites: A We Both Read book The Well-Mannered Monster

Favorites: The book Alphabet Mystery

Classic Literature: Favorite Fairy Tales around the World
Favorites: Jack and the Beanstalk (the original story)

Gospel Studies
Favorites: The book A Child's Story of the Book of Mormon
General Conference Activity Packet by

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Cope

I have a lot of stress in my life right now. I felt it today. The worst days are when I wake up and I just don't know where to even begin. Do I change the diaper, the cat litter, or my pajamas first? Do I make the bottle, the oatmeal, or the Chex first? And what about the phone calls, and the emails, and the discussion questions, and the text book reading, and the paper writing, and the exam study guide, and the diaper changing, and the story book reading, and the math DVD monitoring, and the art project finishing, and the scripture reading, and the conference planning, and the party planning, and the library book gathering, and the diaper changing, and the rabbit feeding, and the dead chicken gathering, and the chicken water feeder scrubbing, and the bruise kissing, and the lunch food finding, and the bottle making, and the clothes sorting, and the dinner food making, and the forgotten paper due in two hours. What about all of that!?

That was all today. So what did I do? Well, I prayed a lot. I only swore once.;) But it wasn't a four letter word, only three. Forgive me. I found myself completely fatigued around noon. I prayed sincerely for a suggestion on how to find more energy. I distinctly felt permission and encouragement to just lay down. So I did. While I was laying down I tried to ignore the kitties and kiddy's climbing on me and I practiced diaphragmatic breating. I actually felt a sense of deep relaxation while using the technique. Today while at the library, I was trying to gather the many many books needed for next months home school curriculum. I had all three kids. It became impossible. So, I asked for help. I called my friend and she kindly took the babies. Tonight when I sat down to "relax" and cruise the internet, I discovered that I had a paper due tonight. Luckily not a long one. But my head was already heavy and tired. So, when Leif asked what he could do to help me, I asked him to bring me Grapefruit and Peppermint essential oils to rub on my neck. I realized that my mind was clear and alert within 15 minutes of applying the oil. And finally, I took the time to write tonight about my stress and how I coped with it. This is a great stress management tool for me.

I feel better now. Tomorrow is another day, all is well!

Mama Bombed Her Test

One of the most valuable experiences that I glean from being a college student at the same time as being a mother is empathy. An understanding of another's burden because you have experienced it. Well, I can now empathize with my children (when they are in college) about how it feels to fail a college level exam. It's no fun!

I studied as much as possible. I filled out all the answers to the Study Guide questions. And I took the test. The test was a proctored closed-book exam. Unfortunately for me, I really Really need to be able to use my notes. My recall skills are very weak. This grade showed me just how weak they are. In fact, I'm actually going to be bold enough to ask my professor for mercy. I CAN NOT fail this class!! Leif suggested that I offer to write extra papers for extra credit. I would be happy to do that. I learn so much more if I have to research and write about it. Tests are pointless for me.

So anyway, life will go on. And Yes, this class was my STRESS MANAGEMENT class. The Irony!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confessions of a Home School Mom

I home school, take classes myself, run my home, and try to care for our animals and yard when I am needed. I'm really really busy. I am not alone, I know. But I am often asked how I keep up with everything. Well, I have a few confessions and answers for those of you who wonder.:)

I don't know about you, but when I started thinking about home schooling I felt like I didn't fit the image. My image of a home school mom was someone with half a dozen (or more) kids, a clean house where everyone had their chores and did them willingly, the laundry was washed - folded - and put away daily, and a healthy home grown all organic freshly made dinner was spread on the table daily . Well, frankly, I was worried at this image I had created. Let me tell you how it really is for me.:)

I Confess: This is how I keep my kitchen sink and it's contents from overflowing into the front room. This also gives me one extra hour or more every day to read and explore the world with my kids.

I Confess:  This is where we're at with our veggies these days. To everything there is a season, and right now our season consists of 5 minutes in the microwave to get a plate of veggies. I do have a basket of fresh fruit available at all times to help me feel better.

I Confess: These are my best friend when I need to do a quick clean up. 5 minutes and the bathroom is sanitized.

I confess: That my house is merely sanitized, my family eats using all disposable eating utensils, I only do dishes when I have to, I grow a garden with only a few different plants, I feed my kids a lot of microwavable foods. I don't fit the image that I created of the perfect home school mom. But that's okay. And chances are, YOU are too! We love our kids. We sacrifice a lot to bring a unique joy into their lives that they don't even recognize yet. And though we might not fit the mold we think we should all the time, chances are the mold we have created is pretty darn good! Keep up the great work!

Monday, September 26, 2011

General Conference Prep Week for Children

I usually print the Amazing General Conference Activity Packets from for my kids to use during general conference. However, they never really use them the way they are made to be used (following directions to make great little projects.) So this conference we are going to use the packets in our Home School curriculum during this week leading up to General Conference. I'm so grateful for these ladies and their willingness to share their talents with us! I am using the packets from  

HERE is the link to the General Conference Packets for all ages.
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