Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer's End... Already!?

I'm amazed that we're heading into a new school year already. Time, it's such a wishy-washy thing. Never enough, sometimes too much... Crazy.

I finished up my summer semester of USU classes this week. They were well worth the money, effort, and time. I learned a lot and enjoyed being able to write out my thoughts. I will be taking a couple of classes again this semester and I think they will be very applicable to my life: Child Guidance and Stress Management. Can't get any more applicable.

I'm finally feeling better. I was really sick! But I'm back up and going for the most part and my main focus is getting home school ready to go, starting the Monday after Labor Day. It takes A LOT of my time. I prefer to have everything printed out and filed according to the month and then the week. Then we can pull out a folder and all of the choices are there for the week and we can go at it. And if for some reason I can't be right there when it's school time, Jakob can go to the folder and pull out things for him to do. I'm still organizing the system that I want. But that gives you a glimpse of what we do. This year I need to plan a little bit for Caleb too. So I have a lot to do. Thank Heavens for the Library! We are going to be reading A Lot!

The spa, Desert Springs Day Spa is going better then we ever hoped. Leif is busy working there and when he's not there he's at his EMT classes and the few hours he's not there, he's home. He feels like he's constantly juggling. But he seems to be holding up and we are too. We miss the good ol' days of working side by side with "the business." But we're making the adjustment. And his EMT classes are over mid September. We look forward to that!

Jakob seems to be looking forward to school to start. He's also really excited for the new "club" he gets to be a part of. We've signed him up for 4H. They have a good program here and I think it will be really good for him.

My sweet Caleb is finally talking so that everyone can understand him (for the most part.) He doesn't whine as much because he can tell us things and then he can understand most of our logic as well. This connection has really become clear just within the last couple of days. It's really nice. We came up with a funny way to help him "find his big boy voice." I told him that when he's whining he sounds like he has a mouse in his throat and he has to get the mouse out in order to find his big boy voice. It's works quite well.:)

And my JJ, he's ready to jump up and run! He can stand on his own and it's been said that he took a couple of steps. I didn't get to see it. My theory is that he's going to decide to walk one day and just walk right up to me in the kitchen and ask for something to eat. It will happen so fast I won't even get to see the first steps.:)

Well, that's how we're doing here. Really, I'll have pictures soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parenting is like Ice Cream

Lena Baron
August 12, 2011
GRADE: 50/50
“This was one of the most original metaphors I have ever read! I loved your outline of the history of ice cream and your comparison to parenting. Well done!”
Parenting is like Ice Cream
Over the last couple of weeks, I have pondered this assignment and tried to come up with a metaphor for parenting that I could incorporate several of the different concepts taught in this unit with. My first conclusion was, Parenting is like trying to read a map that has been written in multiple languages, none of which you speak. However, I chose a metaphor that covers something in which I am far more familiar with rather than speaking bilingually, which I don’t do. The metaphor I have chosen is Parenting is like Ice Cream. We can go with the hard stuff or the cold, stick with what our parents gave us, or choose a different kind. Perhaps, the most important factor to weigh is what kind of ice cream really fits what you like and what you want. Then you have to consider what is best for your fellow ice cream eaters. Grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream, slow down for a minute, and let me tell you how Parenting is like Ice Cream.
Research Can be a Benefit
According to our text, “Historically, parenting has been viewed as a “sacred cow”, meaning that extended family members or individuals in society didn’t intervene in a parenting relationship… This assumption meant that research within the family structure wasn’t valued and there was nothing new to learn about families because everyone had all the answers. Newer more contemporary views on the family rely on education and research to improve family functioning.”(Chapter 11) The history of ice cream followed a similar pattern as parenting research. For example, up until the 1980’s the ice cream flavors consisted of the very basics, vanilla, chocolate, and the occasional strawberry. In 1983 Cookies n’ Cream came on the market and due to the new excitement and high demand it was quickly followed up with Cookie Dough Ice Cream and the list of creative ice cream concoctions has only grown since then.
To Be, or Not to Be, like Our Parents: That is the Question
The new found variety in ice cream flavors resembles that of the newly defined parenting philosophies and roles of today. Often times a person will naturally choose the same flavors of ice cream as an adult that they were given as a child. Just as a new parent often cares for their young child in the same way they were cared for as children. (Chapter 11) However, there often comes a time in a parent’s life when they have to define their roles and philosophy as a parent. Just as many people prefer hard ice cream to soft served ice cream, many parents can be defined as having a hard-core parenting style such as Authoritarian or a softer approach such as Authoritative parents.(Chapter 14)
Decisions – Decisions - Decisions
When a person chooses a particular ice cream, they have to make several decisions before they choose their ice cream. They have to decide if they want hard or soft, what base flavor they want, if they want anything else mixed with the ice cream, if they want to top their ice cream with anything else, and so on. Parents today are faced with similar decisions such as, how many children they want, how they will manage financially, what type of childcare they will use if necessary, how they will disciple their children, and what values they want to instill within their children. We read within our text that in order for parents to best make their decisions “there are a few things parents need to develop an understanding of as they think about the future of their children. The first is having a level of personal self-awareness. Parents who understand their own strengths and weaknesses have a better working knowledge of their children and what is acceptable.” (Chapter 13)
It Really Can Be So Much Fun!
Eating a bowl of ice cream is so much more enjoyable when you include a little time to play. As an ice cream enthusiast myself, I find it very enjoyable to share my favorite ice cream with friends and family as we play a game or watch a movie. Parenting, like ice cream, is a lot more enjoyable when you include a little playtime. “Adults who are trying to slow down the pace of life recognize the importance of play in the lives of their children. They value the time they get to spend with their children on the floor engaged in active play, or outside exploring new environments.”(Chapter 14)
Slow Down! Care and Observation is required.
During the 8 years that I have been married there has been more than one occasion when I open the refrigerator in the morning only to find that through carelessness and distraction the ice cream that was so enjoyable the night before is now a soupy mess. Instead of putting it back in the freezer, it was put in the fridge instead. It is important to remember that parenting, like ice cream, needs to be properly cared for. “Taking time for a deep breath can eliminate a lot of frustration and feelings of being frazzled. Deliberately thinking about the things that need to be accomplished and developing a plan, and consciously deciding not to rush, can prevent the frustration and stress from creeping in and taking over a situation. (Chapter 11)
Anyone who has a very favorite flavor of ice cream knows that it is not easy to stop at just one scoop, once a week. Parenting, like ice cream, often requires more then the minimum. “It isn’t really a matter of quantity time versus quality time. Children need both. Parents need to have special interactions with their children that focus on communication, fun, learning, and connection. They also need to have these times often. Children simply need parents, and the more they are enjoying the company of one another, the stronger the likelihood of a secure attachment.”(Chapter 11) It is a fact that a consistent amount of rich and creamy ice cream eaten in large quantities can inevitably become attached to you. In fact, just in the study done about secure attachment, a person could end up feeling like they are always carrying a baby in a snuggly. J (Chapter 11)
Exercising Patience through Quiet Availability
Once a parent has secured a healthy attachment with their child, it is not always easy to sit back and allow the child to stretch their wings and explore. Parenting, like ice cream, does require quiet availability. If a person purchases a carton of ice cream and eats the whole carton within the same day. This could be considered on the “over indulgence” side of things, just as a parent who follows their child around like a shadow, rather then stepping back when necessary and allowing the child to come to them and ask for help or feedback could establish a negative pattern. Sometimes it is necessary to allow the ice cream to sit in the freezer untouched even when you really want to dig in. (Chapter 14)
Creating Your Own Flavor
Ultimately, parents create their own flavor and flare of ice cream. By creating special times such as family rituals, traditions, and values, they swirl ribbons and chucks of candies and fruits into their own mix and through trial and error end up with their own personal “family favorite.”(Chapter 15)
And that, my friend, is how parenting, is like ice cream. 

Monday, August 08, 2011

Unpublished Drafts Published

I have started several different posts, all about different thoughts and things. I haven't finished any of them. So here are the beginnings. They show the pace of life right now, Fast and Full!


I have been trying to work on my homework for the last two hours. Have you ever tried to focus on the monotony of homework while your husband is out fighting a wildfire threatening the town? Yeah, it's a first for me too.

Instead, I'll just write about the fire and my thoughts...

The fire started just outside of the main

JULY 7, 2011 WOW!

Its 2:58 AM and I haven't slept a wink.  I started to worry tonight that I might be pregnant. The only worry is the fact that I have an IUD. That is very dangerous for the baby. I'm 2 days late with my period. I had serious bladder/uterine pain for three days this week and I can't find the strings to my IUD.

When I realized that I couldn't find the strings it struck me how possible it is that I could be pregnant again. It pretty much made me sick to my stomach and I can't get my brain and body to calm down. I will force myself to sleep after I finish writing.

If I;m pregnant I really want all to be well. I've been baby hungry for a long time. The thought of not having another one was hard. JJ is too sweet and fun. They all are.

I hope all goes well. I asked Leif for a blessing tongit (pulled him from his sleep) I was told my concerns were valid and to act upon what I felt I needed to do. I was also told to hold on to my Saviors hand. I'll do that!
Follow Up: I'm Not Pregnant.

JULY 22, 2011

WOW! What week is it!? So much to tell...
Jakob finished up swimming lessons for the season and is swimming better then ever. We celebrated Independence Day with our good friends the Jensen's and had a great time!

JULY 29, 2011

I have tried to post my Foto Friday this month twice! Both times something went wrong and the hour was a total waste. It's really discouraging. That is why I am putting the whole month of July on a slide show. I have written little tid-bits each time I tried to post the Foto Friday and it got erased. So now I'm not sure what's been said and what hasn't. So, I'll just give you a short run down of a few things. The Desert Springs Day Spa is growing very well! We are thrilled. It takes adjusting to be running a business again and for Leif to be so busy. But it is a really good thing! Jakob finished swimming lessons and is swimming better then ever! Caleb is Precious, his sweet phrase of the month was "My Special!" He would get so excited about different things and in place of "My Favorite, or I Love This, or I'm Excited"! He would just repeat "My Special!" over and over again! My JJ is actually 1 year old today. I will write a post just for him of course. But ohhh how strange it feel to think that it's been a whole year since he was born. It literally feels like yesterday, and it feel like forever. Time is a crazy thing!
Well, enjoy the photos!
Follow Up: The photos still wouldn't load!

AUGUST 4, 2011

Well my updates aren't really up to par this month. I just can't seem to find the full drive I need to stay here long enough to get everything on here that I want to. Instead, I'm just going to blab tonight. I'm in a zoned mood with a lot swirling through my brain. So... Here she goes!

I'm going to upgrade my Picasa account tomorrow and that means that I'll have July Foto Friday up FINALLY!
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