Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I Live Next Door to an Angel! - Seriously!

My precious Mother in Law took my two oldest today and I have just woken up from a five hour nap! I slept until JJ woke me up. So we Both got a five hour nap! Thank You SOOOO Much Mother Baron! I can't tell you how much that nap was needed and appreciated!

Yes, I live next door to an Angel!

Slow Down and Play

Lena Baron
August 3, 2011
GRADE: 30/30
“Fantastic insights into the importance of play!”

Slow Down and Play
As a mother of three very active little boys, I feel like I’m “playing” all of the time. In reality, I’m just the referee. I found that in order for me to really play and have fun at the same time, it took some planning. This was not a new discovery for me. Thankfully, this assignment encouraged me to make the time to play with my boys and have fun.
What did you do to "play"? 
My first episode of playing was with my 6 year old son. We played a couple of rounds of the card game RACKO. We woke up to an overcast and drizzly day. So it was the perfect setting to play a game of cards. I put the little boys down for nap and pulled out the box. My son’s eyes lit up in surprise and anticipation. We sat together and re-learned how to play the game. As we sat together, the rain pounded the roof above us with a downpour and the storm threatened the power, making the game all the more enjoyable and out of the ordinary. My son came up with a fun way to mix things up a bit during our second round of cards. He decided we would switch cards in the middle of the game. It was fun to let loose a bit and pretend shock and dismay at the sight of my cards after he had played them for a while. As if my game plan was all unraveled. Yet, in reality, my real plan went off without a hitch. Our episode of play could not have been more enjoyable.
My second episode of playing was a simple game of Wii Bowling with my two oldest boys. I had planned ahead as far as establishing this particular day as my “play” day. However, I had forgotten this “plan” and it was almost time to prepare for dinner. That is, until I recognized my prime opportunity to “play”. My boys had set up the game to play together and my 3 year old was struggling to figure out how to play. To my oldest son’s surprise and delight I offered to take the time to help my younger son with his turn and then to go on and play the winner a couple of games of bowling, oh the joy in my boys’ eyes! My oldest son won the game and I was able to play against him. I even won a silver medal! However, the real warm fuzzy moment came when my husband walked in from work and saw us playing together. He came to me and with a hug and a kiss thanked me for taking the time to play with the kids. It really meant a lot to him because he understands the sacrifice that I was making as well as the benefits of what I was offering to my children, my time and my love.
How did it meet some of the definitions of play including: pleasurable and enjoyable, no extrinsic goals, spontaneous and voluntary, active engagement, and make-believe?  
            My episodes of play fit within the categories of Pleasurable and Enjoyable, Voluntary, and Active Engagement. With the game of RACKO I did have an extrinsic goal of helping my son practice his math skills and that episode was not spontaneous. However, the Wii game could be considered spontaneous. As you may note, I do not have Make Believe listed during my play episodes. This is because I lack the skill of pretending and “make-believe.” Really, it is a lack of ability. Thankfully, this is my husband’s forte.

Looking into the future, how can activities such as this help you stay balanced as a parent with your children, or children around you?
            My husband came home last night after a long day and informed me that he concluded after a session of introspection that he literally feels as if he is in a constant state of juggling. At this point, all of the balls are staying up in the air. But it takes a lot of concentration and balancing to keep them going. He has his family, a new business, and EMT classes that he is juggling. After pondering his comment and reflecting on my episodes of play, I have decided that it would be helpful for my husband as well as the whole family if I were to consciously make the time that my husband is home moments of Active Engagement with our children. I will set my things aside and just “play.” I know that this will fill my husbands love bucket, not to mention everyone’s love bucket. It will also elevate stress as we focus on what really matters in our home during our few moments together in the day. 

Monday, August 01, 2011

Forgive Me As I Complain

I have been sick for going on two weeks. I am so sick of being sick! If it's not one thing, it's another. Right now my nose is running a river and my head is so congested my eyes just might pop out. Lovely picture, I know.

August is here. We all know school starts in August. Uhhh, excuse me, WHAT HAPPEN TO MY SUMMER FUN!!!!??? This has been the most boring, movie-filled, summer that I can remember in years! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Jakob said the most profound and terrible thing to me tonight. I had just put Caleb in time-out for the 100th time today for deliberately disobeying me and I must have had steam coming out of my ears. Because Jakob said, in a very adult voice, "I just don't know how you put up with all of this! You look like you just don't want to be here any more." I thought, "uhh, yeah, you got that right!" However, he went on to say "You know because heaven is so much fun and so peaceful..." I just stared at him in shock. My jaw just may have dropped open. I did manage to get over the choking sensation in my throat and explain to him that though a nice little outing out of the house for a while sounded delightful, I had no desire to die and leave all of my family behind. My poor little boy... He did offer to create Disney Land inside my living room. I assured him that I was fine and what I really needed was my boys to obey me the first time I asked them to do something. He agreed and  was very helpful the rest of the night. Caleb was agreeable as well. But, Uugg! The thought that my son thought I would be happier away from them. That is really disturbing to me.

I'm just bummed tonight. Here I am sick as a dog, and you know what I've been craving ALL DAY LONG!? Peanut Butter Panic Ice Cream. Seriously!? Can't I just go for an orange juice and some chicken broth? I wish I could get my brain to value my health as much as my heart does. Stupid!

Well, I managed to pass the two tests that I just finished up tonight. And I got a new book in the mail that I've been looking forward to. The boys are Finally asleep. And I really need to wrap up this session of Woe is Me! All will be well in the morning. Well, at least for the next hour or so for sure. G-Night!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anniversary & JJ Birthday (By Hubby)

Well, we had an anniversary this last month or so.  It was great.  I think it was our 8th or 10th or something like that... :)

One thing fun Lena wanted to do for our anniversary was to each choose a book and we would read them together.  Lena actually gave me a list of books she would like and I choose one called "Heaven is for real."  A very cute, fun book.  I choose "Richest Man in Babylon".

Life has been crazy between Family, my EMT training taking 18+ hours a week, and opening the our Day Spa that we knew our anniversary would be spread out.  So with the books we just starting reading to each other in the evenings and when we were able to get away for a little while.  We just finished the Heaven one.  It took us a week or so.

We did escape a couple of times for a quick dinner. Also, during this time we decided to watch all the Harry Potter movies to lead up to the last one.  Lena and the kids watched the PG ones while I was away and then Lena and I watched the PG-13 ones.  Lena and I did escape to watch the final one though in the theater.

JJ's birthday was just kind of fit in as well.  He turned one on a very busy day at the spa.  We've been worried about finances we didn't do much for his birthday so far, so when I did get some cash at the spa, I went to the store and bought goodies and a few little presents for JJ.  Its amazing how much fun a one year old can have with a couple of balls.

That is our quick update on our anniversary and JJ's Birthday.  Even though it was nothing big, I enjoyed our anniversary.  Even if we did nothing, I would be happy because I'm the lucky one married to my love, Lena.

A Simple Reminder: Prepare! (Following Up on my Last Post)

I was expecting a few thoughts to be shared about my last post. It's a very sensitive subject with a lot of backing for our individual feelings. I posted the video directly after watching it and went straight to bed. As I fell asleep I committed myself to continuing my thoughts about WHY that video was such a help to me.

The reason is simply that it was a great REMINDER of what we have been told for years and years by our modern day prophets. Beck is a far cry from a prophet. So am I. But we can, and should, repeat what they have counseled us to do. Prepare for hard times, because they are ahead. Not just ahead, but upon us. I don't care who's fault it is that we fall on hard times! I'm sick of trying to decide who is right or wrong in our country. I will follow the laws of the land. I will pray for the leaders of my country. I will vote when given the opportunity. And in the end, I will focus on my God and my Family.

I know with my whole soul that God is real. He is in charge. I will follow Him and find Rest, Safety, or just plain Endurance from the storms. Be the storms from natural disasters, personal trials and tribulations, or other peoples choices and their influence, I will do what I can to build a fortress for myself and my family.
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