Saturday, July 30, 2011

WOW! This is Exactly What I Needed!

So much is happening in life right now. But there is something that has been stewing within me that I haven't known how or what to say about here on the blog. Politics and the current state of our US Government. It is such a touchy subject. But really, I just haven't written because it's so complex and I couldn't put my thoughts and feelings into words. And part of me just couldn't wrap my head around the answer to the problems we're facing.Until Now! This put it all into words for me and came up with the answer that I truly feel is right! An answer to my prayers.


Here is the Video Summary.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A HUGE Mistake!

I just made the biggest blogging mistake ever! And the time it will take to fix it is completely unavailable. I need to go back to bed. I need a good book to drown myself in. I need my kids to stay at grandmas for the rest of the day! Okay, maybe it's not THAT big of a deal. But it's very close...

I just deleted my Flicker photos, ALL 200 of them. They asked me to confirm the delete 2 times and reminded me that it was not reversible. As it was processing the delete. It occurred to me that if the photos weren't on Flickr, they won't show up on Blogger. Lovely! I am so done with the free photo storage thing. I'm going to spend the money and just get an unlimited account somewhere. Uggg! I haven't checked to see if my suspicions are true. But I think they are...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Truth Behind My Busy-ness

I feel like I've been really busy lately. Like I can't find a single moment to just lay down and maybe read a few pages in a book. However, I think that the reality is that my children have been the busy ones and I am just a follower.

Mom, I'm hungry! Mom, Caleb stinks! Mom, can I watch a movie? Mom, can we have ice cream with the movie? Mom, I need a drink! Mom, the folding tables fell on JJ! Mom, Caleb just bit me! Mom, I'm hungry! Mom, Caleb stinks! Mom, can I watch a movie? ... An endlessly beautiful round of precious requests and needs. Oh, what would I do without them?
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