Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow up and An Interesting Insight

I just want to follow up on this morning's post. Today was a great day. The afternoon and evening have been intense. But overall, it has been a good day and I continued to feel the peace that I felt upon waking in the morning.

This afternoon I planned out my schedule and strategy for the next 4 weeks of my new classes. It's funny how quickly we can forget how insane the schedule can become with some classes. Especially accelerated classes. Hold On for Dear Life! That's what I'll be doing for the next several weeks. Good thing I'm looking forward to the content of the class, huh!?

Now I'll move on to the "Interesting Insight" part of this post. Now, I need to put a warning here: Sensitive Feelings Ahead! Okay.:)
Well, this is the last week of our Home School year. To close the year I found a great website called MindSprinting that provides free Assessment testing online. Once the child takes the test the company tells you what grade level your child is at and what they need to do to reach their grade level or above.

So I took the math test tonight for an adult. I didn't sit down with scratch paper and pencil or a calculator. So I was a little lazy. But overall, I'm confident that the results are mostly accurate. Now, I knew that I was incredibly mathematically challenged. You think I'm just saying that with a little snicker, uh no, I am REALLY challenged. But I have never found a way to find out just HOW challenged I am, until tonight. Folks, you are looking at a University Student with a Second Grade math level. True Blue! Hence, why I haven't taken a single college math class. However, my college GPA is a 3.8.

So, now I ask the question: How in THE WORLD did I pass the second grade? Uh, fifth grade? Middle School? I know why I graduated High School (through the mercy of one teacher. She saved my future!) And perhaps, that's exactly what every other teacher was doing. Preserving my future. If I would have been held back at all, I would not have moved forward again. Even though I have been missing one of the most fundamental aspects of the adult world I have still managed to fight through and find success. However, I have another question: Is there a name for my dis-ability? This is one of my personal quests.

My struggle with math has led us to a Math Curriculum that is teacher-taught online or on a DVD. I found it today, and I am looking forward to learning right along side my kids.

So, there. I have once again managed to be brutally honest about myself on my blog. Somehow, I know you'll love me through it.

Take a Load Off

"This weekend was dedicated to me". Well, I told myself that anyway.  With this mentality I gave in to my entitlement mindset and some of my unbridled passions and I ate three different desserts filled with gluten, on three different occasions.  For those of you who don't know, I am severely gluten intolerant. I am also intolerant to eggs. Some of these desserts included eggs in their make-up.

With that said, I will tell you about who I turned into the past couple of days. Actually, I will spare you the details. Let's just picture Mama Hulk or maybe a Mama Jekyll and Hyde. Oh, it has been so very terrible and humiliating! Yesterday was the worst day that I have had for a very long time. My poor family!

The power went out last night. However, before that I had just left the kids room with a very firm "I am done with them!" to Leif. I followed up with,"if any of them wake or call out, YOU take care of it." NICE! From there, I promptly plopped myself in front of my computer and googled "can gluten intolerance cause rage?" Uh, yeah! I felt so heavy laden. That's the only way I can describe it. Just completely out of control and weighed down. And then the lights went out. Not just in my soul, the whole house was silent and dark. It felt very familiar and scary for a moment.

Leif actually had an appointment out of the house last night. So I was going to be alone in the dark with the kids. Luckily he was there to help me calm them when they woke up (their music and night light went out.) Heartless me told Jakob to close his eyes and go back to sleep. My loving husband, he went out and pulled up the solar light from the driveway and took it to their bedroom. Yes, I need to pay attention to his example.

"Ugg, now what!?" this was my thought as I plopped myself down on my bed too disgusted with myself to open up the scriptures to find solace. However, I was completely alone. That is a rare occurance. I decided to try something I had been reminded of lately, praying out loud. Well, I tried. But my mind was going faster then I could get the words out. So I just prayed. I prayed and prayed. Then when I found my words going in circles and I wasn't feeling much better. I decided to give thanks. I had heard somewhere that it helps when you're feeling down (wink, wink ;)  I knelt on my knees to my Father in Heaven and poured out my thanks for at least a half an hour. I found a lot to be grateful for. The miracle however was the weight loss. Truly!  When I finished my prayer, I felt like the load that I had been carrying had literally been lifted from my shoulders. I was able to think clearly and I felt peace.

Thank you Father, for helping me take a load off!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Foto Friday May Week 1

This week has been another Fun Filled week! We had a great visit with our Friend's the Hamilton's. Then we met up with G&G Hunt for dinner in St. George. We enjoyed a nice visit with them before they set out on their adventure to MO. We had a nice Mothers Day BBQ Saturday with Leif's parents and grandparents. That was a pleasant evening full of yummy food and outside games. We then met up with Leif's sister and brother and their families tonight for another Mother's Day BBQ. We have been surrounded by great people and a lot of love this week. Thanks everyone for the blessing you are in our lives!
Enjoy the Photos, there's plenty!
Feeding Myself!
Caleb Playing with Vintage Little People
Ahh, Such Precious Times!
Caleb fed JJ his baby food whether JJ wanted it or not!
Love in Action!
Fresh Air!
Good Times in the Sun!
Can't get much better then Sprinklers and Trampolines!
Such a Dear Friend!
Papa came home early, just to play with the kids! So Blessed!
Yes, that is a Spoon behind his ear!:)
So Adorable!!
Caleb wrapped his own taco!
Caleb was in Heaven pretending he was driving a car in the orchard.
I think he won the race!
Annie really wanted JJ's cracker!
Grandma Baron is always so willing to get out and play. THANK YOU!
Caleb is "Bird Watching!" 
I snuck up on him and found him like this.
Marshmallow Smiles!

All Flowers Remind Me of You!

There is a song that I was taught in Primary and is still sung today around Mother's Day. This song describes the love I have for my mother. Some of my favorite memories with my mother revolve around flowers. Whether we are planting them together, arranging them, walking among them, or admiring them, these are tender moments with my mother that I cherish. I can't sing this song without getting choked up. There aren't many words to this song, but somehow, the picture they draw from my heart is enough. I Love You Mom!

I Often Go Walking

I often go walking in meadows of clover,
And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue.
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over,
Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of you.

Oh Mother, I give you my love with each flower
To give forth sweet fragrance a whole lifetime through
For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking,
I learn how to love them, dear Mother, from you.
--Phyllis Luch
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