Thursday, April 21, 2011

How This Week is Going...

I have posted HERE, HERE, and HERE about my plans for this week (the week leading up to Easter Sunday.) Now I will reveal how the week has really played out. At least the big things.

Well, you can read the other posts for Days 1-3. Wednesday (day 4) it was my hope to color Easter eggs using natural sources for the dye. Instead it turned out to be a "Mama Bear" day (Leif took me out for dinner to get me away, and saved my sanity.) But I did NOT get to the eggs. So I did them today (day 5). I will make a separate post about that. Let's just say it's a lot of work and mine didn't turn out like I had hoped. But it was fun (for me.) We were supposed to have a special dinner tonight. We didn't. My greatly anticipated clothes dryer arrived today! Leif spent the afternoon and evening setting my new laundry nook up.WAHHOOO!! (More on that later.)

So tomorrow is Friday (Day 6.) I hope and will plan on a nice dinner tomorrow using my China. We will watch a video or two about our Saviour and His Atonement. I am making that commitment...  Then Saturday (Day 6) we get to give the kid's their Easter baskets. QUESTION: Has anyone else had a really hard time finding chocolate eggs this year. I haven't even been able to find a Cadbury, let alone a Snickers or Caramel Egg. We live in a small town, but Seriously, what is an Easter basket without Those amazing treats!!!!??  Saturday our town has an wonderful Easter egg hunt. I look forward to it every year. In fact, this is the last year for the lady who has put it on for the past nine years. I wonder what will happen in the future?

Okay, I was feeling way side tracked from my original plans. But maybe we're not so off base after all.  Tomorrow Dinner. Saturday Baskets, Hunt, and Picnic. Sunday Church and Family Dinner.

I just remembered what I really wanted to do to try and help the lesson of the Atonement sink in. The candy making idea. Making candy and not eating ANY of it, and giving it away. I think that would be a fine Post- Easter home school lesson. So I won't stress and will plan it next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mama's Rambling

Can you believe I am actually sitting here ALONE! No one is calling for me. No one is crying. It's just me, and you. -Deep breath- it's a little strange. What do I do now?  Oh yeah, I talk to you. How am I doing, you ask? Well, that is quite a wide open question. But, I'll try to give you a few answers.  Let's see...

Lately, I have really appreciated good music. Music that lifts me up yet, helps me feel grounded. (Yes, that's possible.) Leif and I found I love it! Our favorite radio stations are Paul Cardall and Jon Schmidt. However, when I want a little Aloha I turn on the Jack Johnson station.

So this allergy season is killing me! Seriously, it is terrible! I pray that it will all go away soon!

You may have noticed that I'm really really busy these days. Home school keeps me active. That alone probably makes it worth the sacrifice. So far so good. Jakob is coming along really well with his reading skills and that is my main goal this year. I think he's a well balanced little 6 year old. He started baseball this week and seems to Love getting out there to play. I would say he's one of their better players.

-I'm no longer alone.- No worries though, it's Leif with me. He's following his P-90X DVD. He's got the sound turned all the way down. Impressive. I need music to keep me going during a workout. Good Job Leif! Walking is good for me. But soon I need to add something else in to my routine. But I think I'll wait until Summer and exercise with Leif on the days that I don't go walking.  I know he wants me to do the P90X with him. But I'm not sure. It's way intense!

Well, sleep. That is the key to my wellness. I will sign off and go crawl in my den. As I do, I will leave you wise and knowledgeable readers with a question. Why do you think I can wake up feeling well enough, but by the time I've been up 15 minutes I'm a screaming banshee until 11:00. Then all of the sudden almost like a switch that's hit, I'm alright and in control. Seriously, it's a mystery to me. I'm going to order something called Rescue Remedy or Bach Flower Essence tomorrow. I'm hoping it will help me!!

Coloring Easter Eggs with Natural Dye

Stay tuned folks, because tomorrow we are Going Natural!:) Yep, we're going to go crazy with natural Easter Egg dye. I'm going to invite friends over and we're going to make a grand ol' mess!
Look here for Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes and Leaf Print Ideas - Leaf Print Tutorial, Old Orchard Juice Dye.

This was a really good experience. It makes me want to keep trying to get it just right. The eggs didn't turn out like I had hoped. But in the long run I got some fun results. The majority of the eggs that I used are our farm fresh duck eggs. I am wondering if that might be why the dye didn't soak into the eggs very deeply. The shells tend to be more smooth then chicken eggs. They also have some type of film over the egg that I think store bought eggs don't have. The dye soaked into the film and then scraped or washed off (VERY frustrating!) However, when my boys recolored the eggs in store bought dye, that dye worked and it also brought out the leaf prints that I had made. They didn't show up until then.

The natural dyes that worked the best for me were the Tumeric, Old Orchard juice, and Blueberries. And these dyes worked really well as fabric dyes too;) My towels have the rainbows to prove it!

Word of advise: This is not a project for kids under 10 years old. It's very time consuming and a lot of trial and error. It ended up being an all day, all night project for me (with a few hours here and there in between.)






Christ's Last Week Days 1-3 (Home School Happenings)

You may note from my previous post that we are studying the last week of Christ's life on earth this week. I wanted to fit the true meaning of Easter into our home school. Today was a good meaningful short and sweet school day. I wanted to share what we did. I planned ahead and then changed things as needed.

Today I printed out THIS. It is another booklet that gives a play by play of Christ's last days on earth. It gives me the scripture references that I need to actually read things from the scriptures as we talk. It also gives a short paragraph about each day. I cut the pages out and stapled just the days together with the beautiful picture as the cover page.

We then reviewed Days 1 and 2 (since we're on day 3). Then I made a few lines on the back of the booklet pages. Jakob then wrote the following on each page: Day 1 Hosanna! Day 2 Temple, Day 3 Parables. And we will of course continue this as the days go on. (Prior to this activity Jakob passed off a Scholastic Reader for a sticker on THIS fantastic Reading Sticker Chart.) Anyway, after practicing his very best handwriting skills we moved into the lesson activity for the day. We read the parable of The Ten Virgins from the bible. Then we watched the following two YouTube videos. He really enjoyed this and the spirit was strong. After watching we talked about the meaning of the parable and how it applies in our life. I then asked Jakob to tell the story back to me. This is a struggle for him. But once he got in the right mindset he did great!

Short and Sweet and Covered a lot!
Here's the great YouTube videos called: They That are Wise: Music Video and PARABLE of 10 Virgins.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Last Week of Jesus' Life on Earth - Home school and Family Plans -

This year I have hope of helping my boys understand the meaning of the Easter Celebration just a little bit more clearly. Home schooling will be very helpful in this regard.  Here are our plans for this upcoming week.

MONDAY:  We will use our MBP curriculum which just happens to be about special holidays this week. We will make a Holiday Book. I will then introduce THIS activity. It's a day by day walk through the last week of Christ's Earthly Ministry. We will then watch a couple Mormon Messages on YouTube about Easter.
TUESDAY: We will read and explore the parables that Jesus taught.
WEDNESDAY: We will do an Easter egg decorating activity. I'm hoping to make dye from natural sources.
THURSDAY: (Papa is home all day!:) We will be having a "Last Supper" meal together drinking grape juice, eating Quinoa, and chicken, eaten on my fine China. Leif and I will help the kids understand what this meal was all about. We will also wash the boys' feet (with plenty of giggles I'm sure;) and we will try to help them understand the example of service that was set by Christ.
FRIDAY: Friday we will read about the Atonement and watch a short video. We will also make homemade chocolate candies to give away the next day (we won't eat ANY, this will be tough and give us a chance to talk about the selfless sacrifice our Saviour made for us. Although I am well aware that the sacrifice doesn't compare. We do our best right!?  
SATURDAY: This is our traditional Easter Bunny celebration. Our town holds a great Easter egg hunt and the kids get to find their baskets. I think we'll hide them outside this year. It's so beautiful right now. I'm pondering a picnic at our local cemetery. I know it sounds strange. But it is the most peaceful place in the town and it could give us a moment to remember why the Ressurection is so special for our family.
SUNDAY: We will do THIS Activity (Easter Egg Lesson) to give a quick but fun review of the week and it's wonderful meaning. And we will rest.

Modest Prom Dress Idea! - Brilliant! -

This can be done all over the world! 
So Very Lovely!
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