Saturday, March 05, 2011

Foto Friday - March Week 1

Poor Caleb, his being sick turned into a Fever Episode for the first time since his Tonsillectomy 3+ months ago. 
This is when you're REALLY grateful for AAA! They towed this back to their shop, only to find a loose battery wire from the last time they worked on it. Silly all around! 
DOGS! The Neighbor's Dog ripped through the fence to get to the chickens. Lovely! 
A typical post-meal time look for Mama's Mr. Ed (Caleb). I'm just glad he eats!
Jakob's last day with Ms. Buesner
Jakob's last day with Ms. Lindsey
Mama's new Toy! So Exciting! It even has a Gluten Free setting. Wish me luck as I try to figure it all out!
Isn't he Priceless!!?  He's growing up. He scoots around all day and sits up when we remember that he can;) He's so fun and happy! Oh how we love our JJ!
Well, we sold the bulk of our chicken flock tonight. The chicken's are one of Leif's hobbies. We've enjoyed this flock. But now Leif wants to try a new breed of chicken (Silkies). So we sold about 18 hens and two roosters. We kept our Special breed (Sussex) that we spent a lot of money on and can still get occasional money off of.  Leif and I felt a little tug on our heart strings as everyone was carrying them away. We've put a lot of TLC into those girls. But silkies will be fun too. And, our newest addition to our family homestead will be very interesting... A TURKEY! You got it, Thanksgiving Dinner is on his way! Fun, huh!? 

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dear Grandpa, I Love You!

My Grandpa passed away early this morning (3/2/2011.)

It's funny how you can wake up and be so wrapped up in the moments of the day, and then Wham life changes forever, all in one moment in time. We knew my grandpa was sick. He has been steadily declining since Thanksgiving. So this isn't unexpected. But the death of a loved one is always a time of reflection and emotion.

My grandfather Loved me. I know that, and I have always known that. For as long as I can remember I have never questioned that. There was turmoil within my dad's family for much of my growing up years. A lot of heartache and pain. But I was never involved in the contention personally. When I visited grandpa Hunt and grandma Pat, honestly, I felt like I just may have been one of their favorites.

So what happened? Why on earth did I allow our relationship to dwindle to almost nothing? How does this happen? And why didn't I take the steps to bridge the distance while I had the chance? Honestly, I do not know.
It wasn't as if I didn't love him...  Maybe it was just simply that over time there became too much baggage to sift through from his past. Thus causing a pause in the building of the relationship. By the time that was worked through within the family and repentance and healing took place, I was on my mission, traveling the country, getting married, having babies, losing babies, moving further from the nucleus of home and family, only to create a new nucleus and family. By the time I recognized how far away the relationship had drifted, time was very limited and opportunities for building memories and relationships was even more limited. By then I had my own issues. Phone phobia, chronic illness, and three little ones who always seemed to become just one more excuse of why I couldn't go see grandpa and grandma.

And then it is all over. In one blink of an eye, the opportunity is no longer available. The choice is made. Only to be left with one question... Did he know that I love him? Did he know that I am proud of him for the changes that he made in his life. Did he know that I forgive him for the choices that caused heartache and division within his family? Did I ever tell him? No. The choice was mine... And I lost the chance. I pray that I will never make this same mistake again. Forgive me grandpa, and forgive me dad for my selfishness.

My grandpa was a good man. My dad tells story after story of his growing up years when grandpa, my dad, and his brother worked together to build the local church building, remodel  apartments, harvest the garden, and butcher rabbits. Grandpa taught my dad to serve others and work hard. As for me, I will never forget the Christmas visits to grandpa and grandma's house to see their award winning Christmas lights. The trailer park finally made grandma and grandpa judges for the light contest, just to allow others a chance at winning the contest. They went to so much work to spread the joy of the season to all who participated. Other cherished memories stem from wonderful family reunions filled with music, dancing, night-time blazing fires mingled with laughter and the smell of bacon and coffee in the morning. And then as a mommy I took my little boys to visit grandpa and grandma and I was tickled to watch them visit with Jakob and baby Caleb. I've been told that my love for writing is in my blood. Grandpa was a writer. During this particular visit grandpa pulled out some of the poems that he had written and read them out loud to us. This was the first time that I had ever heard his beautiful talent. Someday I hope to read his words in a book. However large or small it is, it will be priceless.

Time on this earth is priceless and ever-ticking down until one day, it's gone. I will have another chance to tell my grandpa that I love him. This is part of Father's merciful plan. I won't let it pass me by again. Until then, I will try to remember to love, and share love, like there is no tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Beautiful For Me - Dear Sisters Please Watch This!

This music video touched me deeply! I pray you will take a minute when it's quiet and the kids are asleep and watch this video. It Is Powerfully True!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh WOW! So One of THOSE Days!

I need to sift through the events of today and process them. So here it goes:

  • Went to bed last night with a Glutened Episode coming on.
  • JJ has very strange sleeping patterns and routines. It's not uncommon anymore for him to scream, play, or babble for an extended amount of time at some point before 2AM. 
  • Woke up feeling lethargic and gradually got worse throughout the day.
  • Found out Leif ended up sick and overall unwell today.
  • Spent the day researching enzyme therapy for Gluten Intolerance.
  • Found out that insurance will not cover me to go to an allergist. MAJOR bummer! 
  • Made an appointment for a hair cut. So need one!! 
  • Leif came home and we went to take the car into the shop AGAIN, for the second time this month. It wouldn't start so Leif's dad called on AAA for a tow. Sure grateful for his help. So frustrated with the car. It will be payed off this month but will continue to cost money for repairs. Ugg!
  • Found out that the neighbors dog (whom already drives me INSANE with his barking) broke through our fence AND broke down the chicken coup fence. Seems to have hurt him (blood), but our Meany Rooster (Cobra) just may have done his job of protecting his girls. Maybe he is worth his grain.
  • Made an appointment for the Wellness Clinic in SG that practices holistic health using every modality that I know of from Chiropractic to Allergy testing. It will cost less then a regular MD and will certainly give me more information about my body. Thank you tax refund!!
  • Made the decision as a family to Home School. Should be fun (more on this later.)
  • Caleb has been terribly sick again today. I am so weary of changing a dozen diapers and using up a box of kleenex all in one day. I need my boys to feel better!
  • Leif was weary today and had a lot of homework. But he got a lot done. He amazes me in this regard. He has so much control over his will. Awesome!

So, there have been a lot of ups and downs today. Sigh...

Time to go watch Stranger then Fiction with Leif. Such a Funny show! We love it!
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