Saturday, January 01, 2011

A boy's Heaven...

This is Papa blogging tonight...

This is a little bit of a conversation I had with Jakob as I put him to bed tonight. We had just got done reading a couple of verses from the scriptures. Overall the verses were about how if you make bad choices you have a bad after life, if you make good choices you go to Heaven. (Yes that if VERY simplified.)

Jakob asked, "What is the bad place like?"

I sat pondering for a little bit, but he answered his own question. "Is that where you can't be with your family?"

"Yes" I said.

Then I told him in Heaven we get to be with our families, we will be able to fly, or go back in time...

This got him really excited. "I want to go back and ride a dinosaur and race a flying dinosaur!" "It can be a family trip!!"

Then he continued..."In heaven can we have the same house?" (Yes he is talking about our little barn.) :) I said, "Maybe Heavenly Father will build us a nice big house."

Then he responded, "Maybe we can build our own house, we can have magic and we just have to think it and poof it is there!!!"

I said, "Maybe...we will just have to work on getting to Heaven"

"But it is so long away" Jakob quipped.

"But at least we're together as a family now" I responded.

"But we can't fly or go back in time now!" Jakob exclaimed.

"We'll just have to wait and do our best."

After this it was time for prayer. Jakob has had a bit of a hard time holding still during prayers lately, but tonight when I said we were going to pray Jakob quickly folded his arms, bowed his head and held perfectly still for prayer. I guess now that he knows Heaven is so great he is going to work hard to get there.

Just thought I'd share! Love ya all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: A Few Thoughts and Several Photos


You know, the season of Christmas time really is amazing. Sometimes it has its poignant moments as we reflect on the past with loved ones who are no longer with us. Or perhaps we have moments when we remember that there could be a few more presents to place under the tree, if only the child/children were still here... Those times would be so much more painful if there was no CHRISTmas. He is who makes all Joy and brings all Peace to our bruised hearts. I know this with my whole soul.

How grateful I am to have a time set aside when we are allowed to truly focus on HIM. Life gets in the way. It is hard to celebrate our Saviors life and love on a day in and day out basis. We can honor Him daily by obeying Him and loving each other. But Christmas is a time of Celebration! Oh how grateful I am for it! One of the best ways for me to feel the Christmas spirit is to read stories written about Christmas. Some of my favorites are written by Richard Paul Evens (too many to name.) Then there is the classic Christmas Jars series by Jason Wright. And this year I finally picked up THE classic... A Christmas Carol. It has been so fun to read it as we have watched several versions of the movie inspired by the book. This year we read a different Christmas story every night to the kids. We all loved reading a new story together and feeling the sweet Christmas spirit. I especially enjoyed learning about how the story of Rudolph came about (a father's story to his little girl who's mother was different because she was sick.)

It is easy to become weary by all of the "traditions" of Christmas. The feeling or the expectation that we must not only put lights on our Christmas tree, but on the roof of our house - the trees - the fence -and the dog house as well. Everyone on our street is expecting a plate of goodies from us for sure! Don't forget the Toys for Tots, Sub for Santa, and the 12 Days of Christmas. Then you have the cheesy potatoes for the ward party, the yams for the work party, caroling with the Relief Society, and sugar cookies and singing at the rest home with the primary. And DON'T FORGET you still haven't made aunt marge her promised photo album of this years Family Reunion. Does any of this sound familiar?

We must find a balance! And in the end, we have to do whatever we have to do to keep the CHRISTmas spirit in our home. If that means only going to one party and staying home together instead of going to all of them, then you do that. This year Leif and I decided that we had to stay home instead of traveling north to visit my family. It was a very hard decision. But it has been a good one. It would have added way too much stress and taken away from the reason we were going out in the first place. Instead we have stayed home ad rested and tried to celebrate Christmas the best way we can. It's been great!

Here are a few highlights and several photos:

The town Christmas light parade
The Ward party
Dallen Jensen's birthday party
Grandma Baron's photo album (seeing grandpa Baron quietly cry loving tears at her excitement and appreciation.)
Grandma Baron's Dyson vacuum from her kids
Mark Baron family Christmas party (lighting each other's candle and telling what we will give Christ this year. Singing Christmas Carols together.)
Country Women's Christmas Candy Party
12 days of Christmas family nights
Egg nog
and Giving!

Oh The Things Kids Do!

The day before Christmas Eve Jakob spent a lot of the day drawing random pictures in a notebook. He said that he was drawing out the imaginative games that he plays. No big deal right? Well, That night we were tucking the boys in to bed and this is what was starring me in the face as I walked up to Jakob's bed:
From Jakob
YES, my jaw dropped! I think my first words were "Are You SERIOUS!?" Then Leif saw what I saw and we both looked around a bit more and were flabbergasted by what else we saw. Not just ONE picture, but several were drawn ALL over the room. On the bed and on the walls. Including a game of Tic Tac Toe!
From Jakob
From Jakob
We're not talking about our two year old either. This is our SIX year old Jakob. WHOA! We were upset to say the least. Let's just say that I don't think he will ever do it again and he was REALLY afraid that Santa would skip right over our house. Trust me, I was wondering the same thing!;) But after we calmed down a bit we used it as a prime example of repentance. He felt REALLY bad. Not just for the stupidity and the fact that he was caught. I do believe that he felt bad for being destructive. So we talked about that, and then we told him that he would be spending the next day doing what ever he had to do to get all of the pictures cleaned off of the furniture. Then we assured him that after he did all that he could do to make everything right again, we were sure Santa (as well as Heavenly Father when in the situation of repenting of sin) would forgive him.

I was dreading the clean up part. The bed is very nice wood and I Did NOT want to have to sand and stain it! Luckily Leif works for the school and he uses quality graffiti cleaner often. So he went and borrowed some from his office. THANK HEAVENS! It all came off no problem!
From Jakob
From Jakob

Oh The Joys!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh So Much to Update!

I will save Christmas photos for tomorrow. Right now I'll just ramble a bit and hope I get everything in I want to...

So Leif SPOILED me this year! Among several other things, he gave me a Net Book. It's the perfect size for me. I've been able to lounge on my bed and work on my computer at the same time. I LOVE It! I call it my Midnight-Thoughts Processor. I put it on my night stand in case I need to jot something down. So much for the good ol' paper and pen. Anyway, I am thrilled! Thank you my Love!

Well, we are a house full of sickies, and I am SICK of it!! I woke up with the same junk as my kids this morning. Leif and I sanitized the house first thing this morning. We washed all the walls, doors, cabinets, computers, etc. Leif blew out all of the air filters and fans to help clean the air. I put a bowl of warm soapy water with lavender oil on the counter. This made it a lot easier to wash hands and faces throughout the day. And we kept the sugar intake way down today compared to the Out Of Control it has been lately. So here's hoping we'll be in better health soon. We are trying to get well enough to have my parents out for a visit for the holidays. Hopefully sooner then later.

So Caleb has been a little escape artist lately. Not escaping out of Places, but rather out of Clothes. Today has been just cold enough even in the house that he has kept his clothes on. But when he goes to bed he ends up undressed and the last two mornings we've been woken up in the morning to the announcement that he has taken his diaper off and peed (or worse) on the floor. LOVELY! So I went to the fabric store (our tiny little one) here in town. I wanted a huge safety pin. No luck! Instead the lady there and I decided that sewing ribbons on the zipper edges and double knotting them might be my best option. We shall see. Ahhh, the joys.

Well, the decision is final. I won't go into too much detail, but Leif and I are going to do the Crazy HCG diet again. It is CRAZY and it is HARDDDDD! But it works, and Fast! I have got to get some of the extra weight I've collected OFF! It has been a hard decision because I am breastfeeding JJ still. But he will be 6 months soon and he already LOVES eating cereal twice a day. He struggles with taking the time to nurse long enough to get full each time he nurses throughout the day. However, he does still nurse a lot through the night when he's more tired and relaxed. I've researched a lot and made a plan of how I'll follow the diet and breastfeed. I'll blog on my HCG Blog again so anyone who cares can follow. We'll begin sometime next month.

Well, I think that covers it! Until tomorrow...
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