Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend!

I know the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is",but sometimes, it's so nice to enjoy the luxuries of a Fine and Fancy House!

Leif and I (and baby JJ) ran away for a couple of nights this weekend. We went to the Henley Manor in Cedar City. Turns out that it was a beautiful home that we had all to ourselves. Our room had a wonderful double jacuzzi tub. Our bedroom was decorated in a Shakespearean theme with a beautiful soft king sized bed. Downstairs (a fabulous winding staircase) they had a sitting room and a large kitchen. Technically there were three more rooms in that unit but none were in use. Ahhh, the serenity!!!

We ate A LOT of delicious food and chocolate, read Suzanne Collin's "Catching Fire", relaxed, among other things.;) ... So Heavenly!

May You Find Hope!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Prayer Rug (Knotted Shag Rug) FINISHED!

From knotted Shag Rug
I am thrilled to let you all know that IT IS FINISHED! I finally finished our Family Prayer Rug. My sweet Jakob is by far the sweetest about this rug. For some reason he has taken a particular interest in it and has encouraged me all along to get it finished. When I laid it out on the floor his first reaction was to curl up on it and sing praises to me. The sweetheart even announced that I had finished it to my in-laws yesterday as we ate dinner.

Have we used it as a soft place to gather and pray? Yes, we actually have and I LOVE it!

If you click HERE you will find the main posts about my rug. I ended up really enjoying this hobby. I'm already looking forward to starting my next rug.

This is a picture of the first loom that Leif made for me to make the string of knots.
From knotted Shag Rug

This is a picture of the loom that he made for me to weave the string of knots and sew them together to make the rug.
From knotted Shag Rug

What secrets did I learn?

  • Cut ALL of your material first so that you have an even flow of colors.

  • Don't cut the strips too wide or too long, about as wide and long as your finger is good.

  • Make the continuous strip of knots before you start sewing it together.

  • Sew it together as secure as you're willing. Small stitches will last the very longest. However, large stitches work too.

  • Cut the backing the exact size of the rug without stretching the rug.
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