Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Tradition While Pregnant

I wrote this a couple of nights ago and wanted to post it now.

I am up with Little One here. Love those moments! Well, I try to anyway!;) I'm finally feeling more clear headed and stronger. Don't quote me on that. But I am grateful for the moment. I've had a subject floating through my mind for a while that I wanted to write about. So here it is.
It turns out that with each pregnancy I have read a series of books, or Leif has read them out loud to me. With Jakob, Leif read the Chronicles of Narnia to me. With the twins, I read MANY Anita Stansfield's. With Caleb, I read Prelude to Glory. And with JJ, Leif has read FableHaven to me.

I wonder if the themes of the books seep into the kids like music does when your pregnant? No, I'm just kidding. But some of them would make sense. However, if that were completely the case, I should have read Prelude to Glory with Jakob since he loves the military so much. Anita Stansfield's books literally saved me from having to pay a therapist to get me through the loss of my twins. I was lead through her books as I needed them. It was pretty neat!
Anyway, now I have a record of what I read. I sure am grateful for gifted authors!!

Thanks Everyone! Doing Better!

Just wanted to send you a thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. No Worries! We're not making any major changes in the near future. We'll just keep keeping on!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The American Dream - No Longer In Our Control

What ever happened to just setting down roots in a random plot of land, cutting down the trees from that land, building a house using those trees, and calling it yours. What about growing your own food and the food for your animals? And being able to make ends meet, maybe just barely. But you make it work. That is completely impossible today. WHY?!

I could go on about what has changed to make this all come about. But this actually isn't my center point. My point is actually that Leif and I have a serious case of "Schoolitis." We are ready to just set down some deep roots and make things work. Unfortunately, we have two different visions that contend with each other on a regular basis. One vision is continuing on through school until Leif has a Nurse Anesthetist degree so he can make A Lot of money and we can live well and travel the world. The other vision is of our little family living on a plot of nice land, building a cute cottage to live modestly in, setting up a little farm filled with miniature animals, and a cabin or two to rent out, and living off of the meager income that stems from that.

The Problem? Money! EVERYTHING takes money today. A LOT of money. You also have to "Qualify" for everything these days. The big guys (aka The Government) have to give you permission to accomplish your dreams and live on your own. Right now, they are content to let us live off of them. Though we appreciate their assistance at the moment. When we stop to take an overall look at what's happening, we actually feel like we've fallen into a spiders web that is slowly entangling us until we are wound up so tight in it's grasp our escape is hopeless. There's So Much Debt!

Is this how it's supposed to be? Why can't we just go out somewhere in the middle of nowhere and cut down a few trees? Oh yeah, someone already owns those trees and the dirt we want to build on... How did this happen?

And how do we get out? Continue on for a while longer I guess? Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What did he say????

Just sharing a funny wi"th all of you. Our little two year old is still learning how to speak. He says a few things well, but still doesn't communicate very well. One of his favorite lines is "see it" We would ask "do you see it" and he responds "see it." When he wants to show us something he uses "see it?" What is funny is how he says it.

Instead of "see it" it sounds more like "shee it."

So we can be sitting together and he is looking at a book and all of the sudden we hear "sheit" and we try to repress are laughs and we respond, "yes we SEE IT"...

Post by Papa.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So Glad It's Over!

YES! We are absolutely Thrilled with how the outcome of the drama ended! Leif was listening to the scanner throughout the night after a call from his parents around midnight. We knew they were close, but it wasn't until the phone call from the school at 6 that we knew they had found him. It feels good to have the town alive again. You really can feel a difference.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Between Happenings

The events happening in our community tend to be ever-present throughout our day. We try not to keep it that way. But there are little reminders sprinkled here and there. Like the helicopter flying extremely low outside our house about 3 blocks away. Or the hundreds of law enforcement officers and their vehicles in the center of town. The occasional communication that comes over the scanner whether it be static or tidbits from the police. And finally, our evening drives. You know that you've turned into a small town hick when you load the kids in the car, throw in a couple bags of cookies and chips, a set of binoculars, a scanner, and take a drive. We've gone out each evening and wound through the town and Kanab and speculate what might be happening, what this and that might be. Last night we watched a helicopter fly low and peek into caves and cliffs. A lot of excitement for us little town folk;) We got the call from the school this afternoon. They are going to hold school tomorrow. According to the law enforcement they feel it is safe. However, they let us know that if we kept our kids home they wouldn't count their absence against them. I'm still trying to decide what we're going to do.

So in between all of this, a lot has been happening. I'm proud of myself for getting on the computer and writing. My energy level has been very low. And my thoughts are extremely foggy! I'll have a great line to write, and before I write it... uhh, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, it's gone! Shoot!;)

So, back to what's going on in between. Last week was the beginning of a lot of things.

- Jakob started kindergarten
-Leif started back to work
-Leif started a new semester
-Leif's dad was re-elected as Justice of the Peace
-Jakob had his 6th birthday
-My parents came into St. George for the week and for JJ's blessing
-JJ was blessed

That is a lot of things that I haven't blogged about. I have pictures for most of them. I'll get them posted soon.

I can tell that we've started back to school. We all have a cold. Including JJ. I really hope we all get feeling better soon. I have stopped taking the pain killers that the Dr. gave me. I still have to take IB Profin. The pain throughout my body is gradually getting better. We had a storm come through and that was a bad day. But I am grateful that there is hope in sight for an end to the pain. Now I need to get my brain back. In time, I guess. I will write more on my Healthy Mama's Notebook blog about what is happening after my c-section and how I'm trying to overcome it.

Caleb is growing up. I haven't written much about him for a while. He is so precious. He LOVES to laugh and make people laugh. He is a full-on tease. He is fearless. We have to watch him VERY closely when we're out of the house. He wanders and has very little sense of danger. I have had him delivered to my door once when he was found out in the road. It was a horrible moment. Caleb loves his brothers. He copies Jakob's every word and action. He loves JJ. Caleb also Loves animals. He loves being outside! Oh how I Love my caleb.

Jakob is a wonderful big brother. He is especially helpful when we're in the car and JJ is crying. He loves it when we call him our "Baby Charmer." So far Jakob loves school. His favorite part is all of the kids of course. I'm pleased with his class so far. I was feeling okay about school until this weekends events. It makes me want to set up a homeschooling group. But there aren't enough people that have kids Jakob's age who want to join me. And there are NO boys Jakob's age that want to home school. Jakob needs to play with other little boys. So, school it is I guess.

My JJ, he is my snuggle bug. It is so nice to be able to snuggle him while I nap and rest. He is precious. He has struggled recently with gas after I feed him. I'm hoping that will end soon. If he feels well he'll sleep in his bed, waking every two hours to eat. If not, I bring him into our bed. I have little strength to get up and down more then every two hours. It's too dangerous (I fear I'll drop him.) So I've broken my own rules and brought him to bed. Leif helps me throughout the nights too. But I try to let him sleep since he works and has so much schooling too. But I would be a mess without Leif and the amazing father that he is.

Leif, he is my best friend! We just finished reading the fourth book of Fable Haven yesterday. It is so nice to read together and have something like that to share with each other during the little bit of down time in our life. Leif is working at the elementary school again this year. He helps with their food program as well as their in school suspension kids. He enjoys being with the kids, and they all love him! Well, maybe not the kids who are in suspension.:) Leif's school schedule is heavy this semester. Especially his statistics class that starts tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to that. But he is smart, and has been successful up to this point.

Well, that's what's happening in between what's happening!
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