Saturday, June 05, 2010

Life is Good: Day 68

I spent my time in the house today. Temps are almost 100 degrees and tomorrow will hit 100. So I took the opportunity to sew. And GUESS WHAT!? After almost one year, I've finished tying my Knotted Shag Rug (aka) My Prayer Rug. Now I will string it on a quilting frame and sew it together. I'm hoping to finish it soon! I also worked on re-covering Jakob's car seat cover. My goal is to re-cover all of the boys' car seat covers before the baby comes. I have a lot of sewing ahead of me. But I enjoy it when I'm in the mood. Another good day!

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Life is Good: Day 69

Today was a good day. Leif and Jakob worked with me to get the house all cleaned up and vacuumed. That always feels so good! We ate really yummy healthy sandwiches for lunch and dinner. The kids played outside happily (most of the time) while I worked on my Prayer Rug. I'm really hoping to finish tying it tomorrow. Then I'll sew it together. We had a good nap. Then we raced to the Plant Nursery before it closed to replace the veggie plants that froze earlier. Leif surprised me by purchasing a beautiful rose bush for me that I wasn't expecting. We also bought several flowers to pot. We came home and worked together to plant everything. By the end of the day, I am VERY Achy and tired. But I am thrilled at the way the day has turned out. And to top it off, Jakob sat with Caleb this evening after their shower and read to Caleb while I took a shower. Yes, all of this reminds me that Life Is Good!! (I'll post pictures tomorrow.)
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Life is Good: Day 70

There are several things that fit this post for today!! I had the energy to do all of the dishes and clean up the kitchen! Hooray! Then we all went outside and I had the strength to help Leif take care of the yard. I whacked all of the foxtails and weeds growing around the yard. Leif set up our garden boxes and mowed the lawn. Then Leif and his mom torched all of the foxtails growing in the front of our barn/house with a blow torch. That will be messy, but helpful! The boys had a great day playing in the water on the trampoline with grandma being her angel-self playing right alongside them. Jakob fixed Caleb's hair after their shower. And now, I get to take a nice bath in my BATH TUB!! Ahhh, Life is good!
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Life is Good: Day 71

Life was good today! Celebrating my husbands birthday was great. And to top it off (for me), I got to eat one of THESE!!! Oreo and Peanut butter Cup! MMM! Life is Goood!
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Happy Birthday, Love!/ Farewell Lady Bug

Today Leif and I are the same age again, 21;);)! We had a fun day. We drove into the nearest town (an hour away) with a big movie theater, dropped off our kids at the Jensens (our good friends), and went to a movie. We were the ONLY people in the whole theater. We watched the new Robin Hood. We give it a B-C grade. But the chance to sit together uninterrupted was definitely an A+ time!!

We picked up the kids and went to lunch together. Then headed home and pretty much started preparing our next meal:). Leif made life VERY easy with his meal request; Steak, Instant potatoes, and green beans. He then wanted homemade sandwich cookies (two cookies with frosting in the middle) for dessert. We had dinner with Leif's parents and had a nice time. Leif opened his presents and was happy to find a couple new comic books and a gift card to Sears. Overall, I don't think I could ever show him how much I love and appreciate him, but I think it was a fun day and I hope he enjoyed it!! Happy Birthday, My Love!!
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Well, we tried everything we could to make things work with our little dog, Lady Bug. But it just wasn't working out. But I haven't wanted to sell or give her away to just anyone. So I started asking friends. Some of them have been thinking about it for a while and the Jensen's called yesterday to ask if we were still interested in giving her away. We of course were happy to let them try to make things work with her and we hope it does work out. They're going to have her for a couple weeks and we'll see from there. My guess is that they will be able to train her well enough to make it work. They have more time and a lot more energy then I have. They love her too, which helps. So here's hoping!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is Good: Day 73

We had a great day today (Memorial Day.) We all just relaxed and played. We had a barbecue with family and played some more. The highlights were Leif having the time to play with the kids on the trampoline, Leif and the boys playing the CARS Wii game (Thanks Mandy!), Sitting under the shade umbrella and working on my prayer rug while the kids played in the water and Leif read (even if he did take most of that time to fix the fence where Lady was escaping), and reading, reading, reading. A Great day for sure!!

There was also something in the air (literally) today. It just smelled so good. I can't pin point what it was. All I can figure is Lilacs, Wild roses, and Iris. MMM! So yummy! Iris remind me of Memorial Days growing up. My mom and grandma would cut the Iris and Snowball bushes and load bottles and bottles to the cemetery. I remember the smell and the journey... Good memories!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life is Good: Day 74

This will be a lot of posts. But it will be good!;)

Day 74:

I love this photo. It's Caleb's genuine smile, smeared with chocolate. Who could ask for more!?
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