Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mama's Update: Possible Complications

I need to write. To update. Maybe that will help me sleep better tonight. Sleep these days is just another task. Medicine to try to GET me to sleep, then prayer that the medicine will work and I will be able to find a decent position to sleep in, and then hope that I'll be able to stay asleep through the night without exhausting dreams and screaming kids. Yep, this post looks to be a definite venting post.

I told Leif I was going to wait to let everyone in my world know about the current state of "my world." But I think I'm just going to write. Then I'll let the upcoming days play out how they may ... Good, Bad, or Ugly.

Well, the last couple of weeks I just haven't felt well. I've felt extra big, more of a full heavy feeling. Yes the scale has definitely gone up, and faster then I liked. So I was working on living more healthy. But I've also been dealing with weird blood pressure issues. When I stand up for any amount of time I'll have sudden spells where I just feel weak all over and I feel like my breath is slipping away. I am forced to sit because of it. It seems to happen more in the first half of the day. I've had HORRIBLE headaches! And I am just TIRED, so Tired.

I was/am feeling frustrated because the way I feel is how I should feel at the very end of my pregnancy. Where, here I am a little over half way. So, for some people, these issues might cause them to wonder enough to go into a doctor earlier then planned or something. For me, I just chalked it up as my personal experience with pregnancy and was sucking it up and working through it. Pregnancy is pretty much a nightmare in my world.

So I walked into the doctors office for our routine appointment and the doctor was standing in the hall as I was coming to my room. He asked how I was. Well, at this point I have stopped rattling off all of my aches and pains to people. I sound like a crazy woman if I do. So I said with a smile "I'm fine," and walked into the room (hey we didn't have the kid's with us). I then did the routine pee in a cup.

Well, my doctor soon walked in and seemed a bit more weary or concerned then usual. But he's a very busy doctor and father of several children. So he always comes in with a smiling sigh.:) Anyway, he looked at me and said, "so, you have a lot of protein in your urine." Right away I knew what he was getting at and things started making some possible sense. So the concern that comes when you have protein in the urine is Preeclampsia. It's really dangerous for the mother and the baby. No fun at all. And I wasn't a bit surprised.

So I asked him if it was a little protein or a lot. He said it was a lot. I of course told him the reality of how I've been feeling. From there we did an ultrasound and the baby looks great! Then he sent me for blood work. I did the routine glucose test as well. And tomorrow I have to start a 24 hour urine collection (I know, too much information. Sorry!)

So, as of the moment, I have no official diagnosis. But as I said, I won't be surprised if the tests come back telling us we have concerns to deal with. We'll know either early this upcoming week. Or our appointment on Friday.

So what are the possibilities? Well, of course we'll all be on the cautious end. All of this seems a bit too close to da-ja-vou. But if things are mild, I'll take medication and check in with the doctor weekly. If things are more severe, I'll be on bed rest and probably in the SG hospital near the NICU.

So, that's my world. Right now, I'm just really tired and anxious to make sure everything is being done to keep the baby and I well.

And on that note, I'll keep ya posted! Then if all is well, you can celebrate with me.
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