Friday, December 18, 2009

My Dear Friend Linda

There are certain people who come into our life and their tender touch never leaves us. One of these dear people in my life returned to her Heavenly Father this week. Linda Bisson was (and still is) a dear friend of mine. It never mattered how many years passed between our visits. Whenever we talked or ran into each other the sincere love that Linda had for me always shown in her voice or as a sparkle in her eye.

I have many precious memories with Linda. She took me under her wing when I was a self conscious young girl and helped me catch a small glimpse of who I might become... If only I believed in myself as much as she believed in me. I remember one particular moment when Linda gave me a sincere compliment and I disagreed with her for the last time. She looked me in the eye and said, "Just say thank you!" I was deeply touched by this simple yet profound lesson that she taught me and I try to pass the lesson on whenever the chance arrives. Linda saw greatness in me. For that I will always be grateful.

Linda (and her dear William) came to me during one of the most difficult times in my life. I had just lost one of my little girls and I was sitting in the hospital hoping that I would be able to keep her twin sister. William and Linda surprised me with a visit to my hospital bed. They shared their love with me along with the testimony they had gained together that I would be with my little girl again. They had been in my shoes many years ago when they lost their little girl. To have their love and testimony wrapped around me during that time was a gift I will treasure forever.

Now as I am forced to say goodbye to Linda for now, I cling to the memories of her Love. I cherish the witness of her strength and fighting spirit. Even during the darkest hours of her life she chose to fight on, if for no one else but her precious family. For those of us who are left behind, we marvel at the tapestry she has woven throughout her life and thank our Father in Heaven for allowing us the privilege to be a part of that masterpiece.

Thank you dear Linda for your love and your life. You will be forever missed. Enjoy that unfathomable feeling of being pain and sorrow free. We look forward to twirling in our beautiful white dresses right along side you as we dance together to heaven's songs when our time comes. God Bless you precious sister... Until we meet again!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toddler Destruction

Good Heavens! Caleb is on a role.

So he woke us up early this morning. We sit in my bed and munch on pretzels and ginger ale until my stomach settled. I decided that I HAD to take a shower this morning. So, I took a risk. I left Jakob in charge of Caleb and jumped in the shower. Half way through I hear this, "MAMA! Help! Caleb's on the table... Not one foot is on a chair... He's got the pretzel bag... He's dumping it... Mama! He's spreading it ALL OVER! He just threw the advent candle... a piece fell off... MAMA!" By then I was out and caleb was on his way to time out. Jakob and I clean up the mess. As we clean up the mess I took the time to explain to Jakob why my energy is zapped and I feel like I'm going to throw up all day long. He agrees to be a big helper.

So then I decide to tackle breakfast. We manage to finally decide which cereal everyone wants. We sit down to eat and read our morning story. Suddenly I hear a swooosh-swoosh sound. Caleb has dumped out his entire bowl of cereal on his tray and is spreading it from side to side managing to push it all off of his tray - which was his intention of course. Lady saved the day on that one. Good Dog!

The morning progresses and I get Jakob settled in for a long shower and decide that I have a minute to check my email. And then I hear it... Clink. Clink. The sound registers and I RUN! Two seconds too slow. My precious china crashes to the floor. I had my prized china dishes sitting out after using them a couple weeks ago. (Yes, that's my fault.) Caleb pulled a small box down that was filled with the salad and tea plates. From what I can figure one of each was broken. SAD! So Caleb is in his second time out in one hour.

As I was cleaning up the mess, I hear... Rip. Riiip. Caleb was ripping the homemade art from the walls behind his crib... He's still in his crib.
So I have folded up all of the chairs and stools in the house. Pushed the china into the middle of the table waiting for Leif to help me put it up. And I decided I better vent out this morning and hope for a better afternoon. Wish me luck!

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