Thursday, December 03, 2009

Family Fun and Festivities

Life has been fun lately, truly fun. Luckily, not in the sarcastic sense of the word. A couple of days ago during school we learned about the Apatosaurus. Of course this led Jakob to ask if we could go hiking and digging for dinosaur bones. Luckily it was on a Monday, which means Family Home Evening and Papa doesn't have school at night. So I told him yes. So Leif got home, Jakob grabbed his digging tools, we put Lady on her leash, and headed out to Wood Hill (just out of town.) We climbed the hill high enough that we could see for miles around. There is so much beautiful open land surrounding us. We enjoyed the view for a while as we gathered pretty rocks and petrified wood. Then on the way down we stopped for a bit and had a Juniper Berry War (throwing berries at the opposite team.) Great Fun!

The next day (Tuesday) the boys and I ended up going on another good hike through some of the hills around our back country. We are learning about the Joy of the Earth for Joy School and we went on a nature observation hike together with our friends. It was beautiful and so fun to be out in nature with great friends. That night, Papa came home from his class early enough for us to load in the car and go to the grocery store to buy our Christmas tree (against tradition.) WOW! We got a true beauty!!

On Wednesday we had another great day. Jakob and I decorated the Christmas tree first thing. I must say it turned out beautiful! It's covered in multi-colored lights. The top half of the tree has bulbs (gold, white with red poinsettias, gold with poinsettias) and angels dotting the tree. The bottom half of the tree has a few butterflies throughout the area. I decided to completely eliminate temptation for Caleb. I'm SOOO glad I did!! I then wrapped maroon colored ribbon that is lined with golden beads. around the tree three times. And to top it off there is a beautiful golden star with white lights. Jakob really did help. He actually insisted on the angels and I think they made a sweet touch. Precious memories. If you're wondering what Caleb did during the decorating, he sat in his high char (most of the time.)

Just as I was laying down to catch my breath after all of that fun and excitement Leif called me. He said that the school was having a bird of prey assembly that he thought Jakob would enjoy. HE said he would be able to sit with us if we came. So, I of course loaded the kids up and we headed over to the school. It turned out awesome! The man who came had a true passion for the birds that he took care of. He brought an eagle, falcon, and a hawk to show us. It was so neat to learn about the birds that fly right in our area and we don't even recognize them. Now Jakob is constantly looking in the sky bird-watching. LOVE IT!

And then as if we hadn't had enough fun, we got to go to a rocket launch at Papa's Chemistry class. It was Bitter Cold. But really fun to see the rockets shoot into the sky. There were several women from Colorado City in Leif's class. They were so sweet and prepared a delicious meal for us. So the night was closed with homemade turkey sandwiches and pumpkin cake. Ahhh, so nice!
Today has been more of a get things done day. Well, kinda. We started off after breakfast by going to the middle school and decorating a table with my china for a Christmas Festival that the town holds every year. Leif's mom then sent us out to lunch (Bless her heart) MMM! After I finally got the kids down for naps and Leif working on school work I finally got my shopping list written up for my Ladies Time Out candy making party I have here on Saturday. Looks like we'll make around 8 different candies. All very easy, and SOOO Yummy! Can't Wait! Tonight I also through together a couple of pretty wreaths for my door. One is artificial the other is from the tree branches we trimmed off of our tree. I'll try to get pictures.

Again, just as I was laying down to catch my breath before I put the clean laundry away, we got a phone call. Leif's mom called to let us know that our neighboring town was holding their annual parade of lights festival tonight. So, we bundled us all up and headed out the door. It was cold again. But such a fun little treat to enjoy the small town parade and friendships.

So, as I said, life has been fun lately. Tomorrow we get to go do the shopping for Saturday's party and I get a much needed hair cut. Then Saturday is the party. Then Sunday I teach the Sunbeams (3-4 year olds) in primary for the first time. I am looking forward to it. But I need to plan the lesson. So I best be saying good night!

Monday, November 30, 2009


I really haven't been putting off sharing my "thanks" during this past Thanksgiving season. I've simply been too involved in all that I am thankful for to stop and write it down. Now the Thanksgiving season is past and we have welcomed in the Christ-Centered season. But are the two season's so much different? I think not.

Oh, I love this time of year. Last year I swore that I would not get too busy to feel of the Christmas spirit. I think I have accomplished that goal (so far.) Leif gave me my first gift of the season this past weekend, his time, which for me equals Love. He shares a lot of his time with us daily. But lately he has been booked solid with school work and we have all felt of his absence. By Friday we had decided that we would face the crowds on Saturday and do some early gift shopping. However, by Friday night Leif and I were at our whits end with Jakob. He was nothing but naughty and we were nothing but weary. Well, that night after our evening prayer together Leif came to a wise conclusion. He realized that Jakob had been without his two most valued playmates for the last while and it had taken it's toll on his mood, Grandma and Papa. At this realization Leif made a change in our Saturday plans. He decided that Saturday he would spend the whole day doing nothing but playing with Jakob and Caleb. So, we woke up the next day and guess who got a day off? ME!! Ahhh, it was so nice! And Jakob was SOOO thrilled! In fact he was so thrilled to have Papa's full attention that he got a bit over zealous for a time and decided that he no longer liked me, he only liked Papa. And he let me know it. Well, eventually this did hurt my feelings and when Papa found out what was happening he jumped right on it. He sat Jakob down and began listing all of the things that I have done and continue to do for Jakob and helped him understand that I care for him because I love him. It was a sweet moment that I will treasure. The whole day ended up wonderful.

I have just shared an experience that pretty much gives a clear picture of all that I am grateful for. I am grateful for the power of prayer and the connection that our Heavenly Father has with us. He knows us personally and will guide us if we seek His direction. I am thankful for my precious family and all that they mean to me. They are EVERYTHING to me, All of them! I am thankful for moments of peace. I am thankful for my cozy home where some of my choicest memories are made. I am thankful for my husband who is my soul mate in every sense of the word. I am forever grateful...

And what did we do to celebrate all that we are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day? We ATE! I found the Country Women's Christmas cook books by Taste of Home at the library and they are filled with amazing recipes. I cooked more for this Thanksgiving then I have ever cooked for one thing in my life. Carrot Cake Doughnuts, Butterscotch Pull apart Bread... So much I can't even list them all. Leif made an amazing ham and gravy from the cookbook and a delicious turkey. We had Leif's grandpa Dixon over and his sweet wife Dee. It was a treat spending time with them. We all stuffed ourselves and had leftovers for the whole weekend and into this week. I have concluded that Thanksgiving Feasts are symbolic for some people. For me, the food is symbolic of all that I am grateful for. This year our feast symbolized much gratitude!
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