Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcoming The Fall Season

I love the Fall season where we live. The sky is blue with white puffy clouds. The air is cooler and smells like the changing leaves. As I drive down the road I can tell that the Fall season is coming because the landscape is dusted by yellow instead of the sage green that has flourished throughout the summer. I welcome the cool breeze and the occasional thunderstorms that drop by throughout the Fall season.

Last week we had a Fall Festival for our church community. My favorite part was the Caramel apples.:) They melted Caramel in a crock pot. What a great idea!! This year we are going to welcome the Fall Season in with a fondue dinner the beginning of next week. Yes, we will have carmaled apples again! Stay tuned for pictures to come...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Offended - Now What?

What do you do when you find yourself feeling seriously offended? Not just the irritated, "ah I hate when that happens" irritated, I mean the times when you stand aghast at how hurt and angry you feel, offended.

Today, I found myself offended. I wish that I could say that I handled it just the way that I teach my children to handle such feelings. I wish that I could say that I handled it just as our Savior teaches us to handle it in the scriptures. I hope to handle it better in the future. Thankfully, I did not do any permanent damage to any relationships. But I sure had the desire to lash out. Unfortunately, Leif is the only person who reaped the lashings of my wrath.

When I found myself withering from the result of this offence I bubbled over with hurt and anger. Gradually I began to just simmer. After hours of simmering I was finally to a point where I found myself thinking about my own actions toward this person who had offended me. Just before putting the kids to bed I was struck by a memory. I remembered writing something to this person months ago. I then realized that what I wrote at the time was from my sincere concern and love for this person. However, it is very possible that she may have found herself sitting in her office chair simmering with offence. Oh, how the tables can turn and how often we misconstrue love for criticism ... How will I handle it next time?

Leif just posted this in response to this post:
"I was thinking and talking with Lena about why she was so offended I thought of this analogy I thought I would share. Sometimes we bury our fears and troubles under our faith. Faith in our Heavenly Father, faith in ourselves, faith that good will overcome. But then sometimes as in this example with Lena, someone pulled up or revealed that exact fear that she had worked so hard to bury in faith. So it hurt...until she realized that she still had faith and that all was well."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparing For My Pregnancy Journey - Sickness

This afternoon Jakob and I were sitting in the rocking chair together watching Caleb play his silly games. Jakob chuckled at Caleb and said, "I'm so glad we had a baby. We need another baby!" How can that not melt a mother's heart?

When I married Leif I was a nanny for a family with six children. I had been a nanny previously for 10 years. So naturally I felt prepared for motherhood. Four months after we were married I was pregnant with Jakob. But the bliss only lasted a week. From five weeks on I was very very sick. I have talked about this on several occasions. So I won't go on with stories. I will just say that I have never quite recovered from the shock that runs through me every time I get to my sixth week of pregnancy. Luckily I can begin eating again by the 12th week. But that is only due to the medication that I take until around the fifth month. So, with that said, you will understand why pregnancy takes preparation for our family. This blog is my thinking corner. A place where I plan and discuss my plans. So, tonight I will discuss some of the ways that I prepare for a pregnancy.


First and foremost I am preparing my body and spirit. I take a very high grade prenatal vitamin, Liquid vitamin B complex, and Omega 3's. Spiritually I try to stay in tune with the guidance and inspiration from the Lord as I study, plan, and prepare. In the end, I put my journey into His hands.

Before I become pregnant (I usually have a pretty good idea of the time frame) I will order liquid vitamins as well as liquid Paxil. Because I can't keep food down I can't keep medication down. So then I have to deal with the cursed withdrawal symptoms that come from the lack of medication. So I have decided to try a liquid form of my medication which will absorb quickly. I will stock up on gingersnaps, string cheese, and yogurt. I have also liked frozen fruit in the past, so I'll stock up on that. I also learned that the ions in water can cause nausea for some pregnant women. This was true for me, so I drink Gatorade, juice, and ginger soda. I also want to use essential oils. So far I've heard that peppermint, fennel, and ginger are most helpful. Once I am pregnant I immediately contact the doctor and make an appointment. By week five I go in and am tested to make sure my progesterone level is high enough to sustain a pregnancy. If not, I take progesterone. However, this time I am taking Vitex (an herb) so I'm hoping my progesterone level will be balanced. I also get a prescription for Zofran. I very much dislike taking medication during pregnancy. But there a couple that I take out of requirement. I have also accepted the necessity for frequent intravenous fluids. So I will either go to the hospital often, or have it set up so I can do it at home. Great Fun! And finally, I find a good series of books to keep me inspired and away from wallowing in self pity.


This is the most pressing need for me as I prepare. It's frustrating to know that what I struggle with makes life so much harder for Leif and the kids. He is kind about it of course. But I feel bad and try to help beforehand as much as possible. I try to get the house as deep cleaned as possible. We spend one day together and prepare one months worth of dinner meals to freeze. We will also stock up on food items to make easy lunches, snacks, and breakfasts. My calling in church is to work with the Young Women. So I have gotten to know them well, as well as many other good women in the ward. So I will call on their sisterhood (those who are able and willing.) I will organize games, books, and movies for the kids to play that won't require too much effort or movement on my part. And in the end, I will PRAY!


This has been the question I have asked six years and four pregnancies. Well, I think I have come to my conclusion. There are many theories about why women have pregnancy sickness. Some reasons are low blood sugar, stress, lack of vitamin B, H-Pylori (a bacteria in the gut), and a reaction the the hormone changes and new chemicals. I believe that this is my issue.

This summer I followed the HCG Diet. It is a diet where you inject a small amount of the HCG into your body. HCG is the hormone produced when you become pregnant. And it induces weight loss. When I was on this diet I was Very weak. I felt horrible. Worse then I was typically supposed to feel. I believe that my body has an adverse reaction to the HCG hormone that is produced in abundance when your first pregnant. So, that's my answer.

I would truly love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to cope with the pregnancy illness, and how to help my family while I am down. Feel free to share!

How Is Home School Going?

School is in session at the Baron's. I think Caleb's smile reflects perfectly how much fun we're having. Some have wondered what I do with Caleb during our school hours, the picture tells it all. He is right there with us. Luckily, school time does fall during his morning nap;) but when he is awake, he's coloring and reading with us.

Lately Jakob has a favorite word that he uses immediately after I ask him to do something, it goes like this: "NO!" (we're working on that!) However, I was thrilled yesterday to hear something else when I told Jakob we would be starting school within the hour. He walked away and quietly said to himself in a somewhat surprised tone, "I really like school..." Mission Accomplished!;)

As you can see in the photo we have a school table cloth. This cloth helps Jakob know when we are officially having school time verses family time. Every morning we eat breakfast together. During breakfast we have a short devotional (Jakob doesn't know that's what it's called.) To him it's just a story about one of the great hero's in the scripture. For me, it's a moment to teach my children the very most important lessons for life's journey. Even before the scholastic learning. After breakfast and devotional we begin our duties. We follow the Accountable Kid's program and it works well for our family. Then it's school time. Jakob and I spread the table cloth out together and begin. When school is over, we fold up the tablecloth together and thank each other for the fun. Then it's lunch, story, and NAP TIME!!:) By then, we're all ready for a nap. After nap Leif is home. We visit, eat dinner, have family time, and go to bed. I LOVE that we can create and follow our OWN schedule. We can change things up however we want. I Love it! We have another family in our neighborhood that is homeschooling. So yesterday Jakob went to their house for lunch their art time. He had a great time.

Another thing I love about home school is that if Jakob wants to veer towards another direction and create something on his own we can go that direction. This picture shows the flag that Jakob decided to make with the extra markers box and a Popsicle stick. Small, but fun. Love It!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still Here - Stay tuned

WOW! We have been busy! Nothing too out of the ordinary. Just a full schedule. I want to ramble on about a few different events. But tonight Leif and I have a date with the last chapter of New Moon in the Twilight series. Now that is one thing I want to write about... Honestly, I must be crazy, but I don't Love this series... But I'll get into that as soon as I can. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow and that will help me recall all that I've been wanting to write about. So, stay tuned. Hope this finds you well;)
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