Thursday, September 10, 2009

How You Can Tell It's Been A Long Day!

This is a picture of what happens when a tired mom is trying to talk to her husband and clear the table after dinner at the same time (that's sloppy Joe in the cupboard.) The funniest part is that I didn't catch my error until Leif pointed it out to me. Uh, is it bedtime yet???

Dear Montvale, New Jersey

Dear Montvale, New Jersey, I really don't want to scare you away from my blog! But I've noticed your vist a few times on my visit tracker. I'd love to know who you are! Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you feel inclined. If not, I hope you enjoy my blog! Take Care!!!:)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This Just Might Work

Thank you to those of you who sent me encouragement this morning as I took on the task of home schooling Jakob. Today actually turned out Great! We had a lot of fun!! We put a "big kid" puzzle together for math. It was a 100 piece T-Rex that glows in the dark. We worked on it in 15 minute increments throughout our school time. But he helped with the whole thing and we had a great time. We learned a lot about sorting and matching. Great fun! Now I need to glue it to cardboard so he can hang it in his room. We made a dinosaur picture with colored corn flakes glued to it for the skin. And we played a game where Jakob had to follow a path of dinosaur tracks (that we traced from his feet) away from a volcano lava flow. The only way to get from track to track was to name all of the letters that I showed him. He did great. We sangs songs, Jakob practiced writing his name, and we read a few stories in between. All in all, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to tomorrow.

Jakob also started his dance class again for this year. They started a Hip Hop class and invited boys to join. Jakob started a new era in K. He was the first boy to join their dance team. Now he is in a class with several boys and only one girl. I am really excited about the class. I was nervous that it might not be the style that we're looking for. But I think it will be fine.

Caleb is starting to try and talk to us. His first official words are Amen and Hi. He really hasn't looked at me or Leif and said Mama or Papa. However, I could swear that he did come to me from around the corner tonight and say "Hiii, Mama!" So we're making progress:) I am tickled every time I look over during the prayer and see him folding his arms. I so Love it!! Poor little guy has been sick since this weekend. I hate when he's sick!! Don't ask me what the problem is. Leif and I have just concluded that he has gets a fever every month at the same time which causes him to feel miserable. ugg!

So, life is busy! Busy, but good. And I think Home School might actually work out! Good Thing, huh!;)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Home School Starts Tomorrow

Tonight marks the night for a new journey for me. I will start homeschooling Jakob tomorrow. I haven't made the fact that we took Jakob out of school a big deal for several reasons. Honestly, the main reason is because I don't want to hear how we should have stuck it out. No offence to those who feel this way, but we haven't taken the easy way out. This was NOT an easy decision. And it won't ever be. Will we put Jakob back into public school? Who knows? We don't! For now, I'm focusing on making this year great for him. I feel bad for a very few things that he'll miss out on while going to public school. But in the end, I hope not to regret it. And if I do, well, it's kindergarten and I don't think I can screw him up that bad (at least I hope!)

I have found some incredible resources online as well as in our community. So I have a good feeling about our direction. I have started a Joy School group in our community. So far I have one other mother who has joined (and her daughter of course) and I hope that we can find more to join us soon. On the days that we don't have Joy School, we will focus on subjects such as language, math, science, music, and art. For the first while we will follow a dinosaur theme. Jakob LOVES dinosaurs. So, I have found activities for the rest of the month about dinosaurs that still incorporates these subjects. I feel blessed to live in a day when I have such a huge resource at my finger tips (online) with so many free options.

I think one of the most useful tools that I have found is a free downloadable program that helps me keep all of our home school plans and records organized. I can record everything and if I ever needed to print out Jakob's attendance or his grades, or the lesson plans that I taught, I would have it all right on my computer with official printable forms. It is AWESOME! A gift from the company to home schooling families. The website is

So, the house is straightened and the plans are set and organized. Wish me luck!
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