Saturday, August 29, 2009

He Loves Me!

Last night I wanted a treat that I haven't had for a while. I wanted Peanut Butter Panic ice cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I told this to Leif and he offered to go to the store without a thought(a 15 minute drive away) to pick some up for me. AND he took Jakob with him!

He called me at the store and let me know that I'd have to settle for a different ice cream instead (no worries) and told me he was on his way home. Soon after Jakob and Leif walked in the door Leif called out to me, "Honey, what ya doing tomorrow night? You want to go out with me?" I rounded the corner to talk with him and this is what I saw...

I am truly blessed! And to think that Jakob was involved warms my heart even more. Leif is a wonderful example to our sons of how to love their wives. A precious gift!

Eggsiting Discovery!

Did you catch the title of this post? If you did you may have caught the clue I gave of the GREAT Discovery!

YEP! Our chickens have started to lay eggs. We found the first prized egg yesterday afternoon. We are all excited. Jakob thinks he's the most excited. But Leif is by far the most excited. His hard work and care is paying off. Well Done, Love! Jakob keeps pulling the egg out of the fridge to admire it. It will be a miracle if it lasts long enough to cook with it. I guess we're going to blow the egg out of a whole in the shell and save the shell. Quite the treasure!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Are We Doing?

I've had a few emails lately asking how we're doing. Usually I can send people to my blog and feel like they would be sufficiently caught up. That's not the case at the moment. So I thought I'd better take the time to blog.

The first question everyone wants answered is how is life with a puppy, a baby, and a kindergartner? Well, it's not easy. We knew it wouldn't be. You told me it wouldn't be. And it isn't. However, she is very sweet. Very cute. Obedient. And trainable. So, we'll keep her. Jakob enjoys having her around most of the time. He's not thrilled about her little bites and he doesn't feel like playing or carrying her up the stairs when he's tired or ornery. But for the most part I think he enjoys having her around. Caleb loves her. Even though he is her most valued chew toy. I've resorted to dressing him in long sleeved footy PJ's all day and spraying him with bitter spray to keep her at bay. It's almost impossible to get the two to stop playing rough. I try and teach Caleb and the puppy. But in the end, I just have to hope she'll grow out of her need to chew. She sleeps through the night until 5:50AM. This is the hardest part. I value my sleep. Once she's awake in the morning she will NOT stop barking unless she's able to run around for a while. During the day she'll stop barking after 5-10 minutes. Potty Trained? Well, she's litter box trained when she's inside her room (the pack n' play crib.) But she still struggles if we let her walk around the house very long without constant supervision. I'm hoping she'll learn to be out and about freely soon. Next week I will move her to Jakob's room full time so she can be in a bigger room. We'll see how it goes.

It was Jakob's birthday yesterday! Thank you so much to all of the family members who made a special effort to make it a special day for Jakob. We had a fun family party on Saturday with Leif's family in SG. Thank you Larissa for sharing your love and home! Thank you for the gifts and sweet cards everyone else. Jakob especially loved getting a card in the mail today from the good family members not too far from here. Thank you for remembering him!!!

Jakob started Kindergarten on his birthday. Birthday-wise that wasn't very fun. Especially because the teacher didn't have the kids sing happy birthday to him (yes, we told her ahead of time) and then she forgot to give the kids the cherry tomatoes that Jakob insisted on taking to the class for snack on his birthday. So that was a bummer. He said that he had a good time at school. However, he didn't really want to go this morning. So that was disturbing! But we encouraged him and tried to find a few good things to help him focus on and he went without too much fuss. He's sad because all of the kids from church are in the other class. I'm sad about that too. I'm frustrated that he keeps bringing workbook pages home (as class work) and then more work book pages home to do as home work. I can do that at home with him!!! I want the teacher to be CREATIVE! I pray this is just the first week and she's trying to get on her feet! We'll see... Today Jakob also got a package in the mail from Leif and I. We ordered a series of junior chapter books called Magic Tree House. He insisted that we start reading them right then and there. I'm really glad he enjoys reading!

Caleb is working hard on his walking skills. He's Thrilled by his new skill. He's also trying to use more words. Nothing Completely understandable. But we know he's trying.

Leif is working at the school again. He has also started his Fall Semester classes. So he's very busy! He was going to work for the Community College as well. But they just couldn't get organized so he had to resign. Two jobs and full time school would have been way too much anyway. He really needs to focus on Learning from his classes, not just passing them.
Me? Well, I'm really tired at the moment. Fine, but tired. Nothing too exciting to report.

So, that's how we're doing...
I'll post more photos later.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Five Years Old - Kindergarten - and Walking

Five years ago tonight I went to bed pondering the wondrous reality that I would be giving birth to my first child in the morning. Tonight I ponder the fact that my first child will turn five years old tomorrow and enter the real world of Kindergarten...

I honestly don't remember Jakob ever being quite so all consumingly animated, talkative, and excited. We read a lot today. By 7:45PM we had even read all of the letters that Jakob's new teacher wrote to ME. He wanted to hear every word and vowed that he would be the BEST Kindergartner EVER! He talked about all of the ways he was going to help the teacher - which included him bringing pennies for each of the good kids so the teacher didn't have to use hers, how he was going to "make" his new friends make good choices, how much he loved his new shoes even though they didn't flash, how he hoped that everything they talked about would be about dinosaurs or jets -and if they weren't he would ask if he could go to the library to find the "right books." He must still be talking to himself after we've tucked him in for bed because Lady is barking and she only barks at night if he's talking. I gave him a calming herbal remedy so he will actually fall asleep tonight.

Ahhh, he's growing up... sometimes it is such a joy to have a little mind with a mouth to sit and jabber with about the simple wonders of the world. Then at times it is as if someone has jumped inside that little mind and he would rather blow me up with his "pretend" missiles that are filled with his Anger then sit with me at all. We know he is angry because he'll stomp around and yell, "I'm ANGRY!"... Well, at least he uses his words, huh? There is a reason Jakob's blog is titled Mama's Echo... How can I blame him?

Leif gave Jakob a father's blessing tonight. Jakob was beaming after the blessing. He was told that if he would be strengthened physically so he could consistently go to school. He was told that he would be protected while traveling to and from school and while at school. He was told that he would make good friends who would help him feel good and he would help them feel good about themselves. He was also told that if he was ever scared or needed help he could always pray and Father would let him know what was right by giving him a good happy feeling about the "right" decision. In reality, this blessing was also for Jakob's Mama;) I am so very grateful for the power of the priesthood and my husband who willingly serves our family by sharing the blessings with us. All will be well...

My Caleb is moving forward as well. We were at Leif's sisters house last night and all of the sudden Caleb stood himself up and walked. I knew that it would literally be as simple as a choice. He walked several more times that night and a few today. I'm sure he'll be on his feet permanently by next week. It's amazing what can take place in just one day... Caleb hasn't said any real words up to this point. I know they're in there, especially Mama and Papa when he's waking up in the morning. But this morning we all swear that he consciously said AMEN after the prayer on the breakfast. Now that is an interesting first word...
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