Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Little Lady Bug

I've got to get to sleep! But I thought I'd let you all know that we are finally home from picking up the puppy. We did A LOT of driving to pick her up (all the way to Burley Idaho.) But Leif jokes that the 14 total hours of driving was equivilent to labor and delivery.:)

We've named her Lady Bug, Lady for short. She is Very Very sweet and we all love her! Potty training is going to take work, no surprise there. Sleeping in is not an option, also not too upsetting. So far, she worth it. Just to hear my boy's laughter and enthusiasm with her is a joy! She is extremely patient and puts up with little Caleb's "loves" well. We took pictures of her playing with everyone on my parents computer. So I'll put them on asap. They show the little twinkle in her eyes. Yep, We love her. And if you feel like you can add something else into your prayers on our behalf, pray that she will learn quilckly where the right place to pee is, and that she can endure her kennal until 7:00 At Least. Thanks!:)

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