Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just Our Family Fun

We were able to stay up north longer then the rest of the family. So we took a couple of days and went to a couple of places just for Jakob. We went to the Hill Air force Base Museum and the Ogden Dinosaur Museum Park. We had a great time at both places. Jakob has a passion for jets and the military. We had to go to that museum twice. I do fear that he might actually follow through with his desire to become a pilot in the military someday. Leif and I take it serious enough that we have concluded that we'll accept it and guide him towards a mission and then the Air force Academy if he really wants to go the military route. But that's not for about 12 more years, right? Anyway, the dino museum was awesome too. In between our museum visits we were able to spend more time with my parents and my brother Jared, which is always nice.

On the way home we stopped at the Young Family Lavender Farm. The smell as you get out of the car is amazing. the fields of lavender are beautiful. But the secret of the farm is that they have a mid evil era village build on their property, equipped with ponds and paddle boats, a jousting arena, and midevil playground equipment. And across the way from that they have a western town set up. Leif and I couldn't find anyone to talk to about what in the world they use the space for. But we concluded that it would be a fun place for a family reunion.

All in all, the trip was full and Very Fun! We were exhausted, I'm STILL exhausted! But the time away was much needed. I played with my kids because I didn't have the computer. It reminded me of what my role is right now as a mother. Now if I can only apply the lesson...

Reunion End

Towards the end of our time at the Canyon Home my parents came up to visit. We had a great time together visiting. We went to the cemetery to visit the girls' grave. We also went to the Baron Woolen Mills to explore. It is vacant and run down now, but spooky and interesting. I am writing a fictional story about the mill that is based on true stories about the haunted woolen mill. So it was fun to explore parts of the mill and gain more vision into my story.

Reunion Fun

The days and events at our Mark Baron Family Reunion are a blur. We had a lot of fun together. We missed our family members who weren't able to make it this year! We hope to get everyone together next year around the same time.

This first slide show is pictures of us just hanging out enjoying each other's company and the beauty of the canyon home.

This next slide show is of our unexpected, very long, bumpy, and fun drive up to Willard Peek. We drove in Erik's 4 wheel drive truck following a trail up the mountains to 9,400 feet up. Leif and I sat in the bed of the truck with Jakob, Victoria, and the big dog Kiefer. Leif and I got pretty sunburned and I wish I could say I was a cheerful trooper to the end, but we do have some good memories. One of my favorites is of our trip down and Faylynn and Stacy rode in the bed of the truck with the kids. They were much more cheerful then I, they sang songs with the kid's much of the way. The hills were covered in wildflowers there was also a natural spring running out of the hills that was Very refreshing. when we finally made it to the top we were able to see all the way to Idaho on the north and Nevada to the south, an amazing view similar to the view from an airplane. When we stopped at the water everyone scattered to go use the natural facilities, Leif wandered off too. However, he melted my heart upon his return when he handed me a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers. I had no idea that he was gathering them for me and I felt very lucky to be his wife.

Our Anniversary Get-Away

Leif feeling a bit rebellious!:)
We took a vacation the last week or so of July. Our wedding anniversary is that week so we took the chance to spend some time together ALONE! It was blissful... We left the kids with Leif's parents and we drove 6 hours to Providence, Utah. Along the way we enjoyed munching on treats (without any little voices asking us to share!) and we listened to the audio of the Twilight book throughout the trip. When we arrived at the Providence Inn Bed&Breakfast we were thrilled at how nice everything and everyone was. They provided all of the guests with treats and drinks during there stay, and the room was AWESOME! The breakfast was wonderful as well. We stayed in the Victorian Room, yep, BLISS!

We stayed over for one night. The next day we went to an afternoon movie of the latest Harry Potter, Very Fun! Again, just to sit together and not be wrestling with the kid's was a treasure. However, I thought that I wanted to be away from the kids for a few days. In reality, I was anxious and missing them by the next day. One night is good enough for now... Anyway, back to our trip, we went out for a yummy dinner and then drove down to Brigham City to Leif's family's Canyon Home. We took a long (uninterupted) nap and then sat outside and listened to our book together. By bedtime Leif's family showed up (bringing our kids) and we started our Family Reunion. Which will lead me to another post.
So, Leif and I have been married for six wonder-filled years. Thank you My Love for running away with me to celebrate!

Update: Lena's World

There is so much to tell, so much to update! I can't put it off any longer. This will be the first of a series of posts. I think I'll make this an update about me and my world.

I'm done with school! I took English composition II and earned a 96%. Yes, I was very thrilled! I also took Creative Writing and earned a 94%. This was the class that was a challenge for me. I wasn't sure what my grade would turn out to be, so I was Thrilled! School was a good experience, but I'm glad I'm done for a while. I created a Writing Portfolio as extra credit in my creative writing, so you can check it out at

I have several things that I hope to accomplish in the near future. First, I want to get my blogs updated. Then I want, no, Need to deep clean my house. By then I'll be sick of busy work and I will start making the Family Prayer rag rug that I've wanted to make for years. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out why Jakob's knees and shins are hurting (yes, probably growing pains.) And, I need to do things for my Young Women's calling and I want to help Leif do some things for his calling. I am also finishing up the Captain's series by Anita Stanfield for the second time, I LOVE this series and highly recommend it! Leif and I have agreed to switch books with each other while he's out of school for a couple of weeks this month. I will read one of his fantasy's and I want him to read this series.;) So now that I've made a list for myself you can wish me luck!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Back!

We're Back! 7 days and 10 pounds ago we left on vaction. We had a great time and I have pictures to show off and stories to tell. However, at the moment, I want to vaction a tiny bit more and finish the book I started last night.... So, I'll be in touch later;)
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