Saturday, July 18, 2009

Count Down!

WOW! 5 days since I've posted. That tells ya something. I have been busy! I'm so weary from school tonight. I should finish up the last of my extra credit. But I'm just too worn out! Monday morning I have to be done with my school work, the semester ends on the 24th BUT...

Pretend I'm really enthusiastic and excited (I really am behind this mask of fatigue.) Tuesday Leif and I get to run away to Providence Utah to a Bed & Breakfast for our 6th wedding anniversary. I am SOOO Looking forward to it! We both need a break. Grandma and Grandpa Baron will watch our kids for us (BLESS THEM!!)

On Wednesday we will actually meet up with Leif's family (and our kids) in Brigham City for a Mark Baron family reunion. We'll play at the Canyon Home and go to Lagoon one of the days. It should be a really nice week.

Only 2 more days to go!!

Their Expectations - His Realities

Their Expectation - His Realities is a Comparison and Contrast Essay I wrote for my English 101Course. As the first piece in my portfolio, it gives a glimpse of my budding writing voice. I had never taken a writing course up to this point. It wasn't until my Creative Writing Course that I branched out of my "comfort zone" in my writing. You will note in my later pieces that I have learned to move outside of myself and my personal experiences in my writing to explore the world of writing fiction and poetry, both of which I have found great satisfaction in writing.

Written October 27, 2008

Their Expectations - His Realities

Someone once said, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.”
A newly married couple may think they have life all figured out. They’ve found each other after a long and wearisome search – and now it’s time for life to really start. This newlywed couple plans to have a family, a business, and their own home, and all of this will happen in a smooth and timely manner. They daydream and commit their dreams to paper. Little do they know what realities God has in store for them. -Full Story-

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was working on the discussion questions for class tonight just as we had finished laying the kids down. The question that I opened up to work on asked us to write a poem on the spot, this is what I wrote:

The sun has set
Kids tucked in
Time for the paycheck.
Reward for a long day
Putrid diapers, sassy preschooler, busy toddler, piles of homework
Soon it will all fade away into the night
the reward soothing the frazzled soul

As a teenager, I wrote poetry with the typical rhymes and rhythm. Today. I find freedom more appealing.

What Now?

The semester is coming to a close and I've wondered what I will do when I'm not in school. First, I will deep clean my house. After a few days of scouring, I am looking forward to reading several books. I haven't been able to read for recreation this semester and I really miss it. I will take a detour from reading and writing and I will make a rag rug that I have been wanting to make for months.

Finally, I will find a writing workshop for LDS Writers. My faith and religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) plays such an integral part of my life and writing, that I hope to find a place within the LDS writing community to share my work and continue my growth and exploration of finding my writing voice. I really look forward to this new journey.

How I Have Done

In order for my children to read about how I have coped this week, I need to write about it. So, I will.

Dear Children,

Finals week for college is known for it's heavy load. As a young adult, I felt an arrogant pride when I announced that it was my "finals week" in school. As a mother, now the arrogance is a bit more subdued and is replaced by a state of desperation. I am desperately hoping for mercy, and conclusion. Papa is working on his final projects for school as well. At least we're running the last lap together.

This week I've had to be creative with my time. I also had to compromise on a few things and turn in a research paper that I felt was mediocre. However, my professor wrote me personally to compliment my work. That alone was a great success in my book, I have always craved validation.;)

Papa and I have traded off when it comes to mandatory kid duty. He cooks sometimes, I cook the other times, he helps me figure out technicalities on my school work, and I proof-read his work. I took Caleb for shots and he worked on his paper as the Jakob watched a movie. When we're not "on-duty" we're at our computers. We have THREE computers in our little house, THREE! Yes Jakob, you have a computer to your name at 4 years old. What have we done?... Hopefully, we are showing you that we value education, we have, right??!!!

In conclusion, I have to say that I've made it through this week, because I married the most thoughtful, helpful, giving, and kind man in the world. He has helped me carry the load.
Just as we have helped each other through our finals week of school, we will help YOU when you need help with the load. Where there's a will, there's a way! Together!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Plea for Help!

I needed to get your attention, did it work??:) Really, I do need your help though:)

I have a good friend who is struggling with the overwhelming feeling (that we all know) about housework. She got me thinking.

Take two minutes for me, grab your camera, take it around your house and take three pictures of the reality of your home (good, bad, or ugly!) Don't straighten a thing, just take three pictures and post them on your blog. Put the link to this post on your blog and make a comment on this post to let me know you joined in the fun.

My point in this activity is to accomplish one of two things, one: I will either prove to all of you that I am the failure when it comes to keeping my house clean. Or, two: I will prove that we are all striving for the same goal and none of us are perfect. We are all taking one day at a time, doing the Dang Best we can at THAT MOMENT. As Bob says on the movie What About Bob, "Baby Steps to the bathroom, Baby Steps to the dishes, Baby Steps to the vacuum...;)"

Join me in this moment of unveiling:)

Thirteen Years From Now

I take on this week in preparation for thirteen years from now. Thirteen years from now my son will come to me in a state of panic. He will tell me that there is no way he can reach the goal, no way to meet all of the deadlines, just No Way! And I will say, "Where there's a will, son, there's a way." I will then take him to the bookshelf in the family library that is lined with the books that were once my blogs. I will turn to the year 2009, summer semester, this section will tell him about how I found the will to meet all of my college deadlines. I only pray that it will be a good example. We shall see...

  • Poetry Piece
  • Advancement on my Final Piece
  • Reading review
  • Final Exam (100 points, no small task)
  • Research Paper (8 pages)
  • No discussion questions up yet, I PRAY they don't appear!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Afternoon Walk Through The Wildflowers: Cedar Breaks

Leif managed to pry me away from my computer and the house yesterday. I am so glad that he did! We took the afternoon and went up to Cedar Breaks. We had a wonderful time walking along a couple of little trails and experimenting with our camera. It was warm and then chilly with some rain, then warm again. The wild flowers are out and it was beautiful. I remember going to Cedar Breaks with my family and have a great time. Great Memories! I felt so rejuvenated after such a long week!

That evening we went to Leif's brother's house and had a fabulous shish-ka-bob dinner together. We stuffed ourselves! We then filled up even more on delicious smores. We visited until late into the night and still could have stayed longer. It was soo nice to just sit out on their porch and enjoy the peace that surrounds them in their little mountain town.

This first slide show is a show of my favorite pictures from the outing:

This next show is the other 4o Great pictures:)
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