Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stay Tuned

Well, last night we prepared the yard for Sod. It was a lot of work! I have some fun pictures I'll share later. Tonight after Leif gets off work we'll lay the sod. So it should be really neat! So, Stay Tuned!

Comparing Stats: Jakob and Caleb 13 Months

I came in to the room the other day and Jakob and Caleb were playing together. Caleb was sitting in the toy bucket. I chuckled with the memories of Jakob doing the same thing at the same age. It got me thinking... So I found pictures of the two of them at almost the exact same age. When it comes to stats, it looks like Jakob had two front teeth in the bottom. Caleb, None. Other then that, They are pretty much the same. Jakob wasn't walking at this point either. They were.are just climbing on things and pull themselves up and sometimes over;)

JAKOB 13 Months:

CALEB 13 Months:

Las Vegas Tent City

We were surprised when we accidentally took a wrong turn to come upon a "Tent City" in Vegas. It is a sad reality around the country.

More Vegas (With Pictures)

We were in Vegas for two nights. One of the days we went to the Natural History Museum and the Chocolate Factory. That night we went to the Ballagio and saw the water show along with the beautiful hotel sites and scenes.

Jakob's Preschool Graduation (With Pictures)

And Before the T-Ball game we had Jakob's preschool graduation (not on the same day;) It was so cute! I think I wrote about it already. Now I just have the pictures to prove it!

Jakob's First T-Ball Game (With Pictures)

Before we left for Vegas Jakob had his first T-Ball game. He did GREAT and we had fun watching and cheering! It was interesting how well I found my lungs and competitive side;)

A Day in the Valley of Fire State Park

Two weekends ago we unexpectedly ended up in Las Vegas for a funeral. We met my parents there and had a good time together visiting some of the sites and lights. One of the places we went was the Valley of Fire National Park. It is in between Mesquite and Vegas. It was Beautiful! We hiked around and saw a lot of pictographs. Then we had a picnic dinner. Fun Times!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Few Words

I'm having a hard time finding time to just vegg and blog. I also miss reading everyone elses posts. I appologize for not following as well lately! I wish I could say things are going to slow down. But that's not the case.

I have a lot of pictures to post and things to share. So I'm going to really try to make time tomorrow!

So, hopefully, Until Tomorrow...

Late Night Ponderings

Apparently I get to blog tonight... I have already had a hard time sleeping (Insomnia). Now Caleb is having a hard time sleeping (ear pain). So here I am at 1:00AM updating the blog. Before I finally climbed out of bed I pondered the thought that if I didn't have to sleep at night in order to survive, I could really accomplish a lot! I could get the continuous mountain of dishes washed and the everlasting waves of laundry washed and put away. I could put away the winter clothes that are still in my living room waiting for the last lingering items to be washed and packed away. I could scrub the stinking bathroom and wipe down the worn out kitchen floor. I could....

But, since I do require sleep, and I only occasionally have nights like tonight, I will wake up in the morning and immediately begin attending to the daily and never ending necessities of life with children. I will drive back and forth to Jakob's school and do my school work in between. I will keep things sanitized enough to function safely and healthily. And we will survive another day with dishes in the sink and laundry waiting to be washed and put away.

And at the moment, I will pray for the Tylenol to kick in for Caleb so he will stop crying and I will go try to comfort him.
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