Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer Trips

I have mentioned several times about our Summer Trip(s). I am finally getting around to "announcing" what are plans are. So here they are:
We are going to the California's Redwood Forests! We will be going with my parents. We are hoping that Leif's parents will join us too!! We'll be going the last week of May and two weeks into June. So it will be another long trip filled with beauty, fun, and Great Memories!! I am really looking forward to all of the beauty.
We'll explore the forests. Walk and drive along the ocean cost line. And explore the little villages sprinkled throughout the coastline. We are all VERY Excited! Jakob is especially excited to see the Fern Forest that Jurassic Park was filmed in. Now you can see why I am trying to condition my body for our summer ventures.
Later on in the Summer my mom's side of the family is getting together for our annual family reunion. It will be in Washington State this year. There is a possibility that we will go to that as well.

I also have Young Women's Camp the week after we get home from California.

And finally, There is a possibility that I/we might take the kid's out to Maryland this Halloween to visit my sister and her family.

It is a lot of traveling and some of those are still just possibilities in the works. But I am still really looking forward to some great experiences!

Thanks Ya'll I'm Doing Better!

Thanks everyone for your sweet support! I am doing better. My moods parallel the weather. This is not really an easy thing. We had Beautiful weather for a couple few weeks. It felt just like spring. And then WHAM back to Winter! It threw me for a loop. I'm working through it though, thanks to my good friend Harmony and her willingness to walk with me each day. I'm looking forward to walking with My friend Karin too. I'm going to be walking A LOT (probably around 2 hours each day) for the next couple of months. It will be really good for me! Harmony and I walk around our neighborhood. Karin lives in the hills outside of town. So That will be good to get an uneven course (muscle training) in too.

So, that's my update. Just pluggin' along. Trying to really get as healthy as I can. Working when I can with my schooling. Planning what my summer Community College classes will be. Helping Leif figure out the best route for his studies. Preparing for Jakob's dance recital. Planning our Summer trips (that I still need to announce...) Trying to help Caleb gain some weight (wish it was going better) Trying to be a good Young Women's Leader. And in the meantime, trying to maintain the house and everyday living... Just like all of you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ice Cream Is Of The Devil!

Leif bought me some ice cream and pre-made cookie doe on Saturday night after the long day of yard work. Tonight, I've made a connection... Ice Cream for me, is of the devil! (You must know I am not literal here.) But in a sense, this is true in my world.

Last night (Sunday) right before bedtime I fell into a Funk. A Funk is a stupor of emotion and physical strength. There is no clear explanation of why I am in the Funk, I just AM. Last night I had strange dreams. The worst dream ended with someone (a man) Stealing my car,driving off, with Jakob still inside. It was so traumatizing that it woke me up and I had to cling to Leif until I fell back to sleep.

I was fine throughout the morning. But then I sent Jakob off with grandma, my sister in law, and his cousins for the whole day. I was like an anxious mother hen all day! Here I FINALLY had a whole day where I could just get things done (school work) and the whole time I just felt uneasy. For NO GOOD REASON! Leif finally came home from work and got me out of the house for dinner. Even through that I just steadily declined in my Funk. We watched a movie and had ice cream and cookies. After the movie I fell right back into the pattern of Funk. I felt anxiety about whether we'll make it through the heavy school load (in the future), whether Jakob will do well with his dance recital (in the future), and ... I am just not "well" tonight. You should have seen me when Jakob got home. I felt like he had been gone a week!... I've been doing really well too...

And I put it together tonight. I pondered what had changed in the last few days. Really, the only change has been ice cream and cookies before bed, Leif having a heavier school load last night and tonight, and the warm sunny weather has declined. My conclusion: Ice Cream Screws Me Up! It is the straw that can break the Camel's back in my world. I can not resist it when it is in the house and I eat a lot of it in one sitting, always at night before bed. The Results: Messed up chemicals and hormones from all of the contents in the ice cream.

So, Just don't eat ice cream, Right? Uh, yeah, Wish Me Luck!

Just to clarify: Leif doesn't do homework on Sunday's like I implied in this post (his choice.) But he did discover that his homework load is heavy this week that night. Just wanted to put that plug in...

Goats - Gardening - and Chickens

On Friday we worked out in the yard all day. We got a lot accomplished, but I was EXHAUSTED! I think I got too much sun... Leif did a whole lot more then me and he didn't fall apart... Crazy! But this is all beside the point. We borrowed a couple goats while we were gardening. Our neighbor brought them over and they ate weeds and got tangled in their ropes all day long. It was actually kind of fun.

Our little family liked having them here. But I'm not sure everyone was so thrilled about the idea of getting our own. By the end of the day the "farm smell" was noticeable. I did a little research and the goat experts say that if you take care of the goats well enough that they shouldn't stink (unless they are males, then the ALWAYS stink) No male goats for us! We're pondering a couple of miniature goats... But we'll see.

Leif cleaned out the green house area that we're going to use. That was a lot of hard work! I planted seeds (not very hard.) And Leif trimmed a bunch of tree limbs to let the sun in. Unfortunately, he cut a limb that his dad had been nurturing through the years to use as a tree swing branch. We felt REALLY bad about that!!! Ahhh, the joys of sharing a yard...

Saturday morning was our Chicken Decision Day. We decided which breeds we wanted and then we placed our order. Can you believe that we will be getting our chicks in the mail! It's like the Stork Delivery Tale in real life!:) We ordered 6 hens and 2 roosters. So around April 21-22 we'll get a special delivery of chicks. We'll actually get around 29 chicks in all. Because we combined our order with Leif's brother's 21 chicks. YEP! 21! Here are some photos of our chickens. They are going to be fun!

Araucanas/Americanas: These chickens are known as the "Easter Egg Chickens" because they lay multi-colored eggs (blue and green colors.)We ordered 2 of these because they will be so fun!

Golden Laced Wyandottes:We ordered a hen and a rooster of this breed.

Crested Chicken: There are several types of Crested Chickens. We aren't sure which one we will get. We hope it's this color. We ordered a hen and rooster of this breed.

Red Star: This is our classic brown egg laying hen.

Partridge Cochin: This is our Mother Hen. She'll lay eggs. But we'll eventually let her raise chicks. She is the classic mother hen.

When the chicks arrive we will keep them inside for just over one month. Then they will move outside into the coop that we've made/are making for them. It will be a new experience for me. But I think it will be a good one!
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