Thursday, February 19, 2009

3:30AM: To The Hosptital

RSV: "Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, or RSV, is a respiratory virus that infects the lungs and breathing passages. Most otherwise healthy people recover from RSV infection in 1 to 2 weeks. However, infection can be severe in some people, such as certain infants, young children, and older adults. In fact, RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia in children under 1 year of age in the United States. In addition, RSV is more often being recognized as an important cause of respiratory illness in older adults."

Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems (for us). It's not good, or fun. But he's not as bad off as it can get. Last night I took Caleb in for a nose suction at 3:30AM. Have you ever driven the streets of a TINY town that early in the morning? It's a bit erry. But we didn't have to wait at the hospital;)

This RSV is kickin' all of our tails! Luckily Leif has paid sick leave collected. This makes the weird sleep schedule work. And Grandma is a great help with Jakob. We're keeping him home from everything until he's clear of his symptoms. Caleb is such a trooper! He's alright until it just gets to hard to breath and eat or sleep at the same time. That's why I'm grateful for this nose suction option.

Well, Leif's back from dropping Jakob off at grandma's time to try to go back to sleep....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RSV: Positive


We have all been sick this week. I have been sick since last week. Caleb had a hard time sleeping last night. Which makes it hard for all of us. Leif called the doctor this morning and by a miracle we were able to take Caleb to the doctor.

He tested positive for RSV. So needless to say he is sick! Poor Guy! With it being a virus there's not much we can do to help.

We can take him into the ER and they can suction out all of the mucus from his nose. That's no fun, but it helps a lot.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Run Down

Well, it is 1:20 AM I have had a list of things that needed to be blogged for weeks. So tonight I decided to make the sacrifice and Just DO IT! So, you can scroll down and read about our valentines day festivities, a family wedding, my new hair colors, and a fondue dinner. Those are my latest posts on this blog. Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll tell you about a classic "Small Town" activity, Donkey Basketball!!

I finally updated the boys blogs tonight too. Tomorrow I hope to add a few great recipes to my Mama's Kitchen blog. And Finally, tomorrow I WILL finish my blog book and send it off to the press. So stay tuned;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fondue For Dinner

Usually Leif and I try to run away together for Valentines Day. At least for the evening. But this year we decided that it would be fun to just spend time with family. I woke up in the morning and I had a picture idea come to mind.:) I decided that it would be fun to have a fondue dinner together as a family. I wanted all the fixin's: Meat, bread, veggies, and dessert.

So we set out to make it happen! We invited Leif's parents to join us. Seth and Valen were technically planning on being on the road headed back to school for Valen in South Carolina. But we secretly hoped that this dinner would sway them to stay longer so we could get to know Valen better. Come to find out that Valen has a tradition with her sister and mom where they go out to a fondue dinner for Valens birthday (on the 16th of February.) Valen was shocked when we asked her to join us. She though that Seth had put us up to the idea. Nope! Not Seth, but someone else definitely put us up to it.

We had a beautiful and DELICIOUS spread of food! We had so much food that we got to have leftovers the next day for dinner. Leif made the bread dipping sauces. I made the dessert (of course! MMM!

We had a great time eating and visiting throughout the evening! A great Valentines Day!

Don't worry there was romance mingled into the whole equation too. ;) I just have to make that clear for the record!:)

Seth and Valen Baron Married in the Las Vegas Temple

The superstition of Friday the 13th did not apply this year in our family. We were able to attend a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Las Vegas temple. Leif has an adopted brother named Seth. He met a wonderful girl through and they ended up getting married.

We drove out to Vegas in the morning and (thanks to my Young Women Laurel, Brittney for watching the kids) Leif and I were able to attend the ceremony with all of his family except for Ian and Molly (we missed you guys!, but we understand it's too far to travel.)

The Las Vegas temple president is the former General Authority, Elder Stuki. He performed Seth and Valen's wedding. It was so special. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the end of the ceremony. Elder Stuki encouraged Seth and Valen to always remember the little things. He talked to them about nourishing their marriage day by day. The spirit was very strong throughout the whole ceremony and the rest of the afternoon.
That evening we were all supposed to meet at The Olive Garden for a wedding dinner. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried the restaurant wouldn't allow us to make reservations. When we got there, it was an hour+ wait. So, it was decided that Chuck a Rama would be the new place for the dinner. I tend to be a lot more formal sometimes, so this didn't feel quite right in my opinion. But in the end, it turned out just fine and we all had a good time! Seth and Valen were good sports.
It turned out to be a Very Special Day!

Valentines Fun!

We had a lot of fun this year for Valentines Day. Jakob did all of his class Valentines all by himself (well... almost:) I folded the cards, he drew the pictures. I wrote his friend's names, he wrote his name. I was really pleased with how he took it seriously and was able to finish all 15 cards before he left for school.

Jakob's Valentines party was on Thursday the 12th. I dropped him off to school and then I went to the hair salon to get my hair done. This was my Valentines gift. The girl that did my hair did a great job!! I am still happy with my hair even after several days. I haven't even taken the scissors to it. I FINALLY found someone (other then Leif;) who can do my hair up to my expectations! I even had her wax my eyebrows. :) It was SOOO Nice to feel like I was up to date again. Really, I just love having color weaved through my hair... Love IT!

Anyway, after my hair was done I looked outside and there was a blizzard of snowfall. So I decided to head over to Jakob's school early and hang out with him instead of going home and traveling back in the snow.

We had so much fun! Jakob genuinely enjoyed having me there with him. It was nice to have the special time (Thank you grandma for playing with Caleb;) As a mom I was of course paying close attention to everything as I was playing with Jakob. His teacher is FABULOUS!!! She fits so much learning and growth into their school days. She is VERY positive and upbeat. I am so grateful for her!!! Jakob is doing great in school. Academically he is up to par. I was also pleased to note that he naturally followed the teachers directions. He had friends (particularly the other boys) who still goofed around a bit. But he resisted the urge and just enjoyed what the teacher asked him to do. Of course inside I was beaming with pride!:) It was a great experience!

When we got home from school Leif was home (a special treat!) We poured out Jakob's valentines and Read all of the cards and Jakob marveled at all of the candy. I made a small book of blank paper stapled together for Jakob to use as a scrap book. He taped all of his valentines into this book. He likes to show everyone all of the cool cards:)

Precious Times!
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