Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Freedom of Choice Act - Fight It!

When Leif and I lived in Hawaii we lived in the heart of Waikiki. Thousands of people swarm the streets of Waikiki on a daily basis. During the time we lived there an anti-abortion campaign chose Waikiki as their prime spot to make their point. They would drive a huge box truck along the streets. On the walls of the truck there were huge images of aborted babies bodies. It was incredibly disturbing. HOWEVER, it got the point across loud and clear. Abortion is horrifically wrong! It is not a political issue. It's not democrat or republican. It's not Bush or Obama. It is Right or Wrong!
Abortion is WRONG!

There will be a bill placed before congress in the near future. This bill is called The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). If this bill is passed and then signed by the president, women will have unrestricted access to abortion throughout the country. President Elect Obama has already agreed to sign the bill if it is passed by congress. So it needs to be stopped before it gets that far. There is a petition being created that will be sent to congress. You can find this petition on It is very easy to put your name on the petition. I hope you will take a minute to do what you can for this cause.

The following is a clip of Obama's statement to Planned Parenthood saying that he will sign The Freedom of Choice Act.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Walls Are Almost Done!

Yesterday was a full day of chores. I was worried by mid-day that we wouldn't get to painting ALL of our walls. But we did! We've ended up really happy with the look. We painted everything yellow. Then Leif sponge painted the upper half of the walls with a blue. To finish them off we'll put a border along the middle to blend them together. The border's in the mail, I'm really excited to have this project almost complete!:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Little Sailor Honoring Veteran's Day

Today we celebrated Veterans Day at the elementary school that Leif works at. They had a nice program to honor the different branches of the military. The funnest part for me was dressing Jakob up in the Sailor uniform that my Grandpa Hunt handed down to my dad. I of course took it from him and next year it will fit Jakob perfectly:) Jakob really enjoyed wearing the uniform and did a great job showing respect to it while he wore it.
I served 10 months of my mission at Great Lakes Navy Base in Chicago. So I have a place in my heart for the men and women in the military. Jakob asked me the other day if he was "in the Army now" when he put on his camo decorated shoes. I told him that he definitely was not, and if he ever chose to serve he would serve as an Officer in the Air Force!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Updates - Answers - Conclusions

I have a busy week ahead, so I will make a quick post with the updates from open-ended thoughts shared on previous posts that now have answers and conclusions.

My lesson went well this afternoon. I prayed that each girl would be touched and taught whatever they needed as an individual. I think that happened. There were tears shed... I don't think it was tears of boredom. I hope not anyway!:)

I am doing fine when it come to my emotional release over the twins. I had an unusually emotional night that night. I felt better in the morning. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

My health has improved and I am feeling strong again for the most part. Our fridge still makes a loud noise when the fan shuts off and we'll have to live on a prayer that it will continue to work until we can afford a new one. The car ended up having a broken thermostat cover, or something like that. It has been fixed and the cost was not too overwhelming. Caleb still wakes up throughout the night. It is hard, but I do value the quiet time with him when I am able to handle the fatigue. He is a precious gift to me right now!

Leif was considered a resident by Northern Arizona University. So we are grateful for that and hope that he will be accepted soon, so we can plan accordingly.

My meds have been a tremendous help and I think Jakob is probably the one who has benefited the most. The bear has left the building!!:)

When it comes to house decor, I have had to humble myself and save our money in a few ways. I will only be putting a border on the wall instead of the whole wall being wallpapered. And we will use white butcher paper as a ceiling over the plastic, instead of panel boards.
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