Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Welcome: Decorations, Food, and Fun!

Today has been quite the Fun Filled Day! It started this morning with a high school homecoming parade down our street. This is another fun part of living in a very small town. Last night we went to their tailgate party for the community.

After Leif and I finished our homework and my Young Women's meeting, we got to work finishing projects around the house. After nap time we all went to the HS volley ball game. They asked Leif to keep the score and I was glad to go and cheer for my YW girls on the team.

When we came out of the school it was COLD! We started bringing holiday boxes upstairs just as it started SNOWING! Snowing in Arizona? In October? That does not happen! But it did today. Only for a minute of course. Luckily we were planning a fun evening inside.

We hung all of our Halloween decorations. It's fun for me because some of the decorations are some of the ones we hung in my house growing up. So I feel like I'm carrying on a fun tradition. For dinner we started the tradition of taco salad for dinner and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert on the night we decorate for Halloween. I made my own rendition of taco salad. MMM, it was GOOD! I do the normal chips, meat, cheese, etc. But I also add black beans and a special homemade southwestern sauce. Yummy! I will post all of the recipes on my Healthy Mama's blog. My pumpkin bars taste WAY too good to be good for you! As we sat and ate Leif and I talked to Jakob about the fun Halloween memories that we have of growing up. Jakob pretended he had some fun memories too.
As I was making the cookies Leif turned on a computer game with Jakob that was a Halloween themed bowling game. They had a lot of fun playing together. We had a great day and a great evening celebrating the fun that Halloween brings!

I Found Facebook!

Well, it's official, I am now a "Friend" on I signed up just so I could find the contact info for a lost missionary companion. I have now found half a dozen old friends. It's fun to be back in touch. But I still love blogging a WHOLE lot More! I like to hear how all of you are doing in detail.:) Maybe I'll enjoy it more down the road. But honestly, I'm already pushing my limits on how much time I spend "socializing" online.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hurray For The Exersaucer!

We finally got Caleb's Excersaucer! I decided to just go with my instincts and spend the money for a high quality one. We got the Evenflo Triple Fun Excersaucer. I am SO Glad I Did! He really loves it as you can see from the photos. YIPPEE! Now he has a place to play that is off of the dirty crowded floor. He has already learned how to rotate around so he can play with all of the toys (the seat turns.) Great Investment!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Are You Ready To Vote?

The day to vote for our future President of the United States is just around the corner. Leif and I sat together and endured another presidential debate last night. I hate them because I don't trust everything that is said, and I can't stand blatant contention. However, I do feel that it's important to be involved in studying out who we feel is the best potential president.

After the debate Leif and I discussed some of the "issues" of the world today that we feel are important to us in particularly, and to our future as a country.

Here are a few of the things we came up with:

Same Sex Marriage
Stem Cell Research
Social Security
Health Care
How involved government is in All Areas of life
Strength of the military

Personally, I feel that the moral issues we face are the most important issues that I need to face as a mother and do what I can to stand up for Truth and Right. I received a short five minute video today made by the Family Research Council This gives us a good perspective of what will happen if same sex marriage becomes legal throughout the country as it has in a few of our states. I hope you'll view the video and form your own opinion.

I just did a little research on the presidential candidates websites. They are quite interesting. They both have their faults. They both have some positives. Unfortunately, not one of them has it perfect. So, we'll have to draw up our own list of priorities, study the candidate's views on each of the issues, and then make our decision.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Lingering Question and General Conference

I woke up to feed Caleb early Saturday morning, long before the sun came up and we sat down to watch the LDS General Conference. I was jogged awake with a simple, yet profound question floating through my sleep fogged mind... "are you living a Celestial Life or a Terrestrial Life?" I pondered it as much as I felt I could without waking myself up too much to go back to sleep.

The thought was still with me when it came time to crawl out of bed and get ready to listen to conference. I began looking at different routines in my day. We pray over breakfast in the morning. Is the prayer Celestial or Terrestrial material? I care for and communicate with the kids all day long, is it in a Celestial or Terrestrial manner? Do I even stop to have my own personal prayers? What about scripture study? Am I living a Celestial Kingdom life TODAY? That doesn't mean I'm being asked if I'm perfect, the question is asking if I am even focused on the end that I am hoping for. A very interesting question...

I enjoyed General Conference. However, Leif and I have concluded that next conference we will go to Salt Lake and sit in a conference center somewhere and participate in a true manner of worship. Sitting at home with a 4 year old is pretty much Crazy! We did manage to get him to listen to President Monson. We asked Jakob what the prophet told us and he said, "to hug me." That is exactly what we were taught, to STOP and enjoy the moment. That seemed to be a theme, enjoy the moment and find peace in Christ through hard times.

I have a lot to work on. But I'm grateful that our leaders aren't preaching Hell Fire and Damnation. Instead, they teach hope and peace. This is Christ!

Teaching Jakob Repentance

Leif and I take the responsibility of being parents very seriously. Sometimes we're a bit too serious and we expect a lot from Jakob (Caleb will be in the same boat soon.) We re-evaluate often and try to make the right adjustments.

Recently, Jakob has become a lot more aware of what is right and wrong. He'll often correct Leif and I if we say a "strong" word (as we put it.) He'll point out whether his friends chose the right, and he is aware of his mistakes most of the time. Yesterday Jakob told a blatant lie. We have had to deal with him sneaking out of the house or away from the yard to go into his grandparents house. He knows that he has to ask First, Wait for an answer, and then Respect the answer. Last night he went into the grandparents house where Leif was studying. Leif asked him if he asked me, and Jakob told him that he did and I said yes. This was completely false.

When I came down to find Jakob, we were faced with a dilemma. How do you teach a 4 year old that he lied and lying is completely unacceptable. The first thing Leif and I came up with was to take away the privilege of watching his favorite show with us that evening. But something just wasn't sitting well with me and that consequence. A little while later, the answer came to me. We needed to teach him about repentance and HOW to repent.

Jakob came back up to our house after I had left and said that he wanted to ask me if he could go over to Grandmas house (he recognized that he really didn't like the consequence in store for him.) I sat Jakob on my lap and we talked. We talked about the fact that he didn't choose the right. I often teach Jakob a lesson and have him repeat it to me after it's been taught. The first lesson taught was, "Make the right choice The First Time!" Once that lesson was established, I talked to him about who his wrong choice hurt (himself, Papa, Mama, and Heavenly Father) and then who he needed to fix things with (Papa, Mama, and Heavenly Father.) He told me that he was sorry and he eventually told Leif that he was sorry. But he was confused on how in the world he could tell Heavenly Father he was sorry. He talked about the fact that he couldn't see Heavenly Father and he couldn't hear Heavenly Father. Basically, it was all completely abstract.

So I started from the beginning and as basic as I could get. I explained to Jakob that we talk to Heavenly Father by praying to him. Kind of like talking on the phone except that you have to "feel" Heavenly Father's answer instead of hearing it. He was thrilled to find out that Heavenly Father knew him and He knew Jakob's name. The fact that this was a novel concept to Jakob showed me that the Spirit was teaching him. It was finally sinking in.

Then came the prayer of repentance. I started the prayer for Jakob and asked Father to help Jakob feel His love and His answers to the prayers Jakob prayed. I then told Father that Jakob had something he wanted to say to Him. Jakob then told Heavenly Father that he was sorry for telling a lie and that he wouldn't do it again.

After the prayer was over I asked Jakob if he felt Heavenly Fathers answer. He said "Yes, it was soft and warm." ... Lesson Taught!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We Have A Closet and A Sound Proof Room

Leif worked really hard this weekend! He was determined to finish our closet so we could get all of the furniture out of our living room. We worked all day yesterday (in between conference) and got a whole lot done! the biggest project was the closet. We are thrilled to have an organized space for our clothes. I'm loving these home improvements!!!

We also hung carpet up in Caleb's room. It was a messy, dusty job. But it was totally worth it! His room is like sleeping in a cave. We will be installing a bathroom fan in his ceiling to increase air circulation and maximize the sound proofing. I'm trying to get out of the habit of hushing Jakob when Caleb's asleep. Because it's no longer necessary! HOORAY!
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