Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

Fall is in the air. I really enjoy the Fall season. I think it might be because Fall symbolizes change and I really enjoy change. There are only three things in my life that I do not like changed. They are 1. The presence of my family members on earth 2. The companionship of my husband 3. My membership in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other then that I thrive on change. That's another reason that I don't just have one favorite season. My favorites are Spring and Fall. I love the holidays of Winter and the holidays of Summer. But the seasons themselves are not necessarily what I enjoy. However, I enjoy the Fall season.

We live in a very small community and with that comes the small town festivities. Sometimes the town themselves put on the events. Other times our church will sponsor the events and everyone in the town is invited. When Fall comes around we have our annual Fall Festival.

Yesterday we went to the Fall Festival at the LDS Stake Center in Moccasin. The scarecrow and cornstalk decorations along the road leading to the church were so inviting and set the stage perfectly. They had a wagon pulled by two little mules for the kids to ride in, an Ol' Ragtime band singing live, old fashion games like marbles and donuts on a stick, a Washbasin Train custom made for the kids, and an amazing roast beef and dutch oven potato dinner, topped off with a million different homemade cobblers for dessert.

I love this event because it is always so fun for the kids. But it is also a time where all of us as adults are able to gather and renew old friendships and strengthen the current ties we have. It is wonderful to have something that draws Everyone out. And Fall is just the beginning of the seasonal small town festivities we enjoy!

The following is a sldeshow of the fun we had at the festival.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

This quiz was really fun!
-Thanks Wendy:)

I am Belle.
"Intelligent and kind. Your beauty goes much further than your apperance. Also, you make judgements of people based on their personality and not their looks. Attaining all the knowledge that you can is one of your major goals in life, but you are also a person who can make things happen."


Friday, September 19, 2008

Little One's Got The Flu

Wowsers! I think Caleb has the flu. I feel so bad for him. He no longer has a fever. But he is still really sick. He's thrown up all over the world at least 3 times. Last night and in to the morning was a nightmare. Our best hour is the hour directly after him throwing up.

He just lays around and moans. Leif and his dad gave him a blessing this afternoon. I hope he starts to feel better soon!!!

I made a lotion with garlic and lavender oil. It doesn't smell as bad as GOOT and it spreads easier. Hopefully that will help too!

Jakob has been really cute lately. Let's see if I can remember the cute moments...

He's starting to draw pictures of faces. He just brought me one that has eyes, ears, and a nose, with ears that stick out on sticks from the head. It's really cute! I love all of the color he uses too.
Yesterday Jakob was practicing his dance moves all day. We would ask him to walk somewhere and he would do his side skips to the destination instead. It was very cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fevers and Clogged Up Noses

Ahhh, the joys! Caleb and Jakob are sick Again! I'm not even sure if Jakob has a new cold, or this one has lasted so long that it just feels like a new one. Caleb has a fever and is Extremely fussing when his medicine runs low. Jakob just has a lot of junk in his nose, head, and chest.

I have got to find a miracle cure for the common cold besides antibiotics. I'm still working on it. I know garlic would probably help, but I can not stand the smell! ....

We'll survive. I just like to keep updated on things like illness for records sake.

I'll spice this post up with a photo:

Isn't He Precious!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Girls Would Be Two

It often feels like the evening hours bring out underlining thoughts and emotions. Throughout the last week or so I have pondered thoughts and memories of my girls. Jakob has mentioned them on occasion lately too. He speaks about them more then Leif and I do. He says that he misses them and asks when they will come back...

When you lose a child (or two), and then give birth to another one there is often the question in your mind whether this new child will feel like a replacement of the children you lost. We have learned that no child can be replaced. You truly love every child that you have as individuals. I have been amazed at how I have fallen in love more and more with Caleb (just as I fell in love with my other children) and yet, I still ponder about my girls and I miss them...

They would be two years old this October. A day before Halloween to be exact (how bizarre, isn't it?) On good days, I think that Leif and I could have handled twins. On the not so good days, I think we would have survived and my life would have been incredibly different. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get the thought of having another set of twins out of my mind. I wouldn't call it a desire... it's just this strange pondering I have.... I think it goes along with the desire I had to have a girl (when I was pregnant with Caleb) and I found out I was having a boy. I cried and realized that what I really wanted was just my girls.

So, yes, we still miss them. It is so strange! We didn't even "know them." Emotions and Spirits are so strong! The connection evolves as our family relationships evolve.

BUT! I have made another conclusion this week. There are many layers of healing after you lose a loved one. I believe that I have overcome another layer and that is why I am able to do all that I am doing. I have not gotten outside of my "box" in the last Two Years as much as I have in the last two Weeks. I am driving again, I am visiting teaching again, I am going to school again, I am willing to make phone calls again... It is refreshing!

We will be able to go to the cemetery for the anniversary of the girls' birth this year. It is always a bitter sweet experience. I will go visit my grandma's grave too. I haven't been since her funeral. I still miss her too... It will be nice to pay a visit... I think.
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