Friday, August 22, 2008

One Full Week! ... Jakob's Birthday

We're supposed to be in bed by now. That was our goal... But we were determined to get our freezer/refrigerator working right. It's struggled for years. But three gallons of milk soured and melted ice cream bars has a lot of motivation. Purchasing a new fridge was not an option. So the first step was to help with insulation. So, we glued foam pads to the sides and top of the fridge. That help a tiny bit. But still not good enough. So, Leif started investigating. He discovered that the vents and coils in the freezer to the fridge were frozen solid. But this is strange because it is a frost free freezer. So, we emptied it out and let it thaw. As it was doing this Leif investigated the freezer down stairs to get an idea of what a working fridge does. He realized that the fan in our freezer was not working. So, he took ours apart a bit and worked for a couple of hours at it and after taking the fan out of the freezer downstairs (not a mandatory freezer) and putting it into our freezer, IT WORKS!!!!! YIPPPEEEE! I love when we can work together and fix something that saves us hundreds of dollars! So Exciting! Now I have a Clean Working Fridge! Thanks Love!

At the beginning of this week Leif got something special in the mail. He has collected comic books for years. He found a HUGE lot of all kinds of comic books on ebay for a deal of a deal. His dad loaned him the money to get them and they arrived this week. He and Jakob opened the box and it was like Christmas in August.:)

There are days when I am really glad that Jakob is still so tiny. He needed a bath and I wanted him to be able to play in the water for a long time. We don't have a bath tub so our options are; the sink, the shower, or Caleb's baby bathtub. The sink was full, he didn't want a shower, so I chose the baby bath tub. The problem with the baby bath is that it gets water everywhere. So, I put it outside on our porch. Jakob loved it of course and I didn't mind him splashing all over the place. It was great!

Today we had a birthday party for Jakob with his friends... Finally! Jakob has been looking forward to it all week. Now that it's over, he can't wait until tomorrow when his cousins come over. But that will be another post. Today we had a great time! Leif and I made a jet cake with a dinosaur as a pilot. We have a tradition of making his birthday cakes together. It's a lot of fun. Last night was stressful. I was not feeling well, and Jakob was incredibly frustrating (exaggerated by Mama not feeling well) but we got it done and I'm glad we did. We had a pinata and played a few little games. The kids played and we (parents) visited. It was fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mama's Update: Blood Test Results and More

I need to get to bed... But I know that tomorrow will be another full day and I want to stay up to date with this. A few updates about my life (Mama's.):

The bishop called Leif and I in on Sunday and asked me if I would accept the call to serve in the Young Women's Presidency as the first counselor. I think it will be fun. Not always easy. But I love the ladies that I will be working with!! It will be a blessing!

I went to the doctor today for a follow up visit on some blood tests and for a discussion about my health. He told us that I am severely Iron deficient. Not just iron in the blood, I'm so anemic that the cells in my body haven't been getting near enough oxygen. That is why I have had such horrible pain, fatigue, and brain fog throughout my body. I am also vitamin B deficient. It is good to have a name and it was good to see the numbers on the lab work and really catch a vision of the reality of the situation. So of course I'm on supplements for 3 months and then we'll run more tests.

I was also diagnosed with Vasospasms. This goes along with Raynauds Syndrome. It is where certain parts of the body (usually the hands or feet or earlobes) will go numb or tingle because the tiny arteries in the area are constricting. I have a strange case that affects me while I nurse the baby as well as possibly in my ears. It is no fun! My symptoms are more burning and throbbing. So now I am trying to alternate between pumping milk and nursing Caleb. Caleb doesn't nurse calmly (he latches on and off a lot) so this adds a lot more pain and aggravation. So I'm hoping to get things worked out soon. There's a possibility that the Vasospasms are related to the Vitamin B deficiency.

We were VERY blessed at the Dr. office today. The nurses over heard that I needed a pump and they gave me one that had been donated to the office. They GAVE it to me. It saved us literally over a hundred dollars. And it works well. Now I just need to order some MAM Bottles. Caleb won't take the basic Playtex Nursers anymore. MAM is the type of Binky he takes so it should be fine.

So, that's my update.
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