Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Positives Before a Negative

I have to try and think about some positive things in life right now. So I guess I'll blog them. . .

*Caleb and Jakob seem to finally be down for the night.
*Thank Heavens for Caleb's swing!

I am SO tired! I've felt like a zombie most of the day. My sleep allowance has been cut back this week.

*I was able to bake a dozen potatoes and take them to a post funeral dinner this morning. Glad to be able to contribute.
*I was able to shower and get semi put together this morning.

My hair is literally falling out. Figure it's adrenal and thyroid fatigue. I'm working on trying to rebuild strength.

*My friend Harmony came over and we were able to visit and help them out a bit with a few things. Always nice to visit with a good friend.
*Leif's mom came by to visit this morning too, we had a nice visit. They helped us again with some bills. Such a bitter sweet blessing.

Leif's manager forgot to turn in his hours this week, so he won't get a paycheck this week. Doesn't make sense, welcome to life in fast food.

*Leif was able to give two massages this morning. Sure grateful for the cash!
*Sure am looking forward to my nutrition and herbal medicine courses! I really enjoy learning about health and nutrition.

I wonder how we will balance Leif's school, his work, Jakob's school, and my school all at once. Luckily my schooling doesn't have deadlines.

*Leif and I are still loosing weight pretty steadily. Just eating healthy and taking a few supplements. I think the Omega 3 (Fish Oil) is helping the most!
*Leif found a website where I can create my own supplement regimen and they will capsulize it for me. I'm excited!

Found out that financial aid won't be available until school starts. We need it NOW!

As you can see, life is full of it's ups and downs. We're surviving. Weary, but hangin' in there! We've tried to think of all of the possible options of ways to make our life a little bit easier. We've concluded that no matter how hard it may seem, moving anywhere else right now would be harder. So we will keep going. We're praying for a better job for Leif and massage appointments for Leif until then (he's a Licenced Massage Therapist.)

I think I'll update the boy's blogs and try to get some sleep. Leif works evenings now. . . Not Fun!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook: July 29, 2008

For Today: JULY 29, 2008

Outside My Window... I wish that I could see out my window. They are all covered with plastic and curtains to keep out the heat.

I am thinking... That I am hungry, and that I have a lot I hope to accomplish today.

I am thankful for... My husband who will help the kids while I do this.

From the kitchen... My laundry piles beckon to me.

I am wearing... Enough to cover my body.

I am creating... An extended family blog today, for the Westwood side of the family.

I am going... To research vitamins for Leif and I, figure out my schooling plans, and work on the house today.

I am reading ... The Internet. I am hoping to purchase a few books as soon as money comes in!

I am hoping... That we'll be able to rent the house across the street, and that I can make some good headway on my projects today.

I am hearing... Jakob counting down to liftoff as he launches his toy rockets and jets.

Around the house... Everything beckons to me to do this and that they should be top priority.

One of my favorite things... Is to wake up refreshed after a really good nights sleep.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Draw up a plan for my schooling, conclude which supplements we'll be taking for adrenal fatigue, call Stacey about braiding rugs, call Visiting Teaching ladies.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Caleb is growing like a weed, more like a Sunflower:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Married For Five Years

Leif and I have been married for five years this week. We have taken the opportunities as they came to celebrate throughout the week. We went out to dinner earlier in the week, and yesterday grandma watched the kids so we could go pick out a couple of DVD's and some ice cream at the store. It's a treat just going shopping without Jakob insisting that he NEEDS a new toy! Bless his heart!

Throughout the week I have pondered about the last five years and have been amazed by the journey that we have taken in only five years. So much happens in life so quickly. Before we know it we'll be married 20 years and our kid's will be adults.

Leif and I met in Hawaii. He was working as a massage therapist, I was working as a nanny. We were both living the single life in Hawaii. He was dating several girls and I was stuck on one certain guy. He lived alone in a little ghetto apartment, I had just moved out of a house where I had several room mates. We lead totally different lives. I loved to play at the beach and have all night guitar jamming sessions with the guys from the singles branch. Leif worked on the beach, dated, and hung out with his brother and family.

Once Leif and I finally had our eyes opened and hooked up we were practically inseparable. Living in Hawaii made for a very fun and romantic courtship! We hiked in the mountains, sat on the beach under the stars, strolled along the boardwalks, and drove along the oceans edge around the island. It all seems like a dream . . . I think it was . . . My dream had finally come true. I had found a man who was the kindest and the most peaceful man I had ever met. And he loved me! It was amazing!

It still is amazing. We've come out of the "rose colored glasses" stage. And the love is still there. I think our love stays strong because we have made the choice to keep it strong. We nourish it daily with the way that we treat each other. Our relationship is not perfect. But it is healthy and I thank the Lord daily for that gift.

A few of the highs and lows of the last 5 years have been the birth of our children. The death of two of our children. The creation of our business (Your Child's Nanny, a Nanny Agency). Selling our business. Moving to and from Hawaii. Moving back and forth from St. George to Fredonia. Starting school. Working a million different jobs and home businesses. Earning a Real Estate License. Grandma Stanger's death. Gradually turning the barn into a home. Traveling throughout Southern Illinois into Missouri. Living every day with a goal and a purpose in mind . . .

During our wedding reception a huge summer storm suddenly blew in. It had been a beautiful blue sky sunshine day up until the middle of the reception. We had to quickly gather things up and arrange our living room inside the house so that we could continue the reception out of the rain. It could have been an absolute nightmare! But with the help of family and friends and the peaceful comfort of the Lord it turned out to be a wonderful evening full of smiles and fun. That is how Mine and Leif's life together has been. Blue sky's and sunshine with some strong storms along the way. And I'm sure that it will continue to be this way throughout our life. But with family and friends and the Lord, we'll be fine.
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