Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank You Everyone!

I just want to thank all of you who have sent me your thoughtful and empathetic words of encouragement. I am feeling better and it was a good day. Thank you all for your Love!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mama's Can NOT Get Sick!

I've been sick for too long. My house was clean two days ago. Really Clean. I forced myself to get it done even though I was sick. But that has to be an Every Day task. Now I feel like life is kindof melting around me. Leif is working hard to pay the bills. I'm trying to keep the family alive and well, and we're just doing the best we can. But. . .

What was/is your life like when you had two young children at home?
That is the question that I am hoping to get your thoughts on. Last night I went to bed feeling down and frustrated about our situation and I am hoping to be reminded that things really aren't as hard as they feel right now.

If you get this in an email form, I'd love for you to visit our blog and make your comments there!

What year was it?
What was/is your living situation?
What was/is your employment situation?
What was/is your family health like?
Anything else you think might be applicable?

I'll draw you a short picture of our story right now. This is NOT a pity party! Honestly, I am grateful for what we have! Things just aren't easy and I'm sure we'll look back on these days and the lessons we're learning and smile. Writing it all down just helps me think things through.

Right now all the lights are off except for one, and the curtains are closed to save energy and keep out the heat and the cool air in. But I'll turn the lights on and really embarrass myself by snapping and sharing some photos of our reality...

There is a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house that is sitting vacant across the street. I am trying to convince Leif (and myself) that we should talk the owners into renting it to us and that we will be able to afford it if they will.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook is a wonderful network of "Simple Women" recording their supposed simple lives, yet often inspiring the reader of their Daybook. We write in our Daybook every Monday. Please feel free to join us! Click on the photo above for more information! Thank You Peggy for hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook!

FOR TODAY: July 21, 2008 (11:48PM) ...
Outside My Window... Right now I can't see out my window because it is covered by the curtain to block out tomorrows early morning sunrise. If I could see out, I'm guessing I would see that it is very dark out and the light of the street corner lamp in illuminating the neighbors back yard.
I am thinking... About how much I have enjoyed getting all of my blogs put together so well tonight, but I worry about how late it is and that I really should be asleep. The baby will wake to nurse before I know it.
I am thankful for... The gospel of Jesus Christ, Inspiring Women, and My Amazing Husband.
From the kitchen... I can see the glow of the nightlight that will light my path to the baby as soon as I am finished here.
I am wearing... An old button up light weight floral house dress. It was a gift from the local Humanitarian Aid Club - Thrift Store Clothes Give-Away at the local library. What a blessing they have been in our life!
I am creating... Wonderful blog (journals) for our family and my individual children. I hope that they will treasure them in the years to come.
I am going... To bed as soon as I am done here.... unless I think of something else I wanted to get done tonight.:)
I am reading... My scriptures a little bit more each week, the series Faith Of Our Fathers (a novel about life during the Civil War. Excellent!)
I am hoping... To feel a whole lot better tomorrow! My throat has been in pain all weekend.
I am hearing... The hum of the AC and the fan. Sometimes I wish I could just turn everything off and have silence. But then we can hear the neighbors dogs, and no matter how much I want, I can't turn them off!
Around the house... Things are actually quite tidy. Such a good feeling.
One of my favorite things... Is to have some quiet time to myself to do the research I so much enjoy (Natural Medicine), and to watch my three year old son dance!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Pull a couple of big buckets under the roof where the rain runs off to catch it, then siphon it out and water the garden with the rain water. Go Visiting Teaching, Celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, Celebrate Pioneer Day (Jakob will be on a float:)
Here is picture thought I am sharing... This is Leif and My Wedding Engagement Photo.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Sick But Getting Better

What a weekend! I honestly can't remember the last time I was this sick. I think it was when Jakob was 6 months old and I got Mastitis. I'm taking antibiotics and using some natural remedies too. My fave is Lavender oil. It's an anti-viral and I really like the smell.

We have missed Jakob, but it sure is a blessing that he isn't home. Hopefully he's missed this infection. I have been able to rest for the most part as much as I have needed to. Leif has been a great help!! I should be resting now... I will as soon as I'm done here.

Leif and I are kind of taking this time (even though I'm sick) to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. With Jakob not home we can watch a movie without interruptions, well almost. We watched two movies last night and have a few more for today and tomorrow. We got a "Mormon" movie for today.

Leif's at church. He has done a really good job with his new calling as primary music chorister. He practically plans his own sharing time lesson to go along with the songs he teaches the kids every week. It has been wonderful!

Leif starts at Wendy's in the morning. No fun, but much appreciated by our little family! Thank you My Love!

Our garden is thriving thanks to Leif. I will put some pictures up soon. We should have a lot of tomatoes, peppers, squash, pumpkins, crazy corn, gourds, and cucumbers. Our wild flower garden is doing well too. We planted the first year of wild flowers when I was pregnant with the twins. It bloomed just as they passed away. We have planted it in their memory each year ever since.
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