Friday, June 20, 2008

Life, Work, and Summer Fun!

Have you ever had to put a towel over the dishes in you kitchen sink to stifle the stench until you can wash them? :) I am shamed to admit that I have to do that more often then it should be. Dishes are one of my worst enemies for some reason. No we do not have a dishwasher! But there are people out there with a dozen children and not automatic dishwasher. MADDNESS!! :) I should be able to keep up on our little families dishes. Paper and Plastic! That is my answer.

Well, it's summer and that mean that the beautiful sunshine is in full swing. Our kind air conditioners are working their bests to keep us cool (we have two window units for our studio apartment) They work as long as we don't use the stove for dinner. So we use our "Summer Kitchen" the barbecue. We eat a whole lot of yummy tinfoil dinners. And toasted marshmallows for dessert.

Leif is out of school for the summer. So he gets to work at home with ITV ( and will be working in SG from next week on painting addresses on sidewalks. He will have all of his classes online this coming fall semester. So it will be nice to have him around. Even though he will still be Very Busy! But we're moving forward in life and that feels good!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hair Cuts and House Dreaming

Leif and I cut each others hair the other night. His was just the normal short look. I pulled mine back in a ponytail just at the neckline and let Leif cut it off. He cut about 3 or 4 inches off. I did some layers in the back and I Love It! It's off my neck and really easy to fix. It's cute too. Fun!:)

Coming back to the barn has been bitter sweet. While on vacation we spent the majority of the time staying in places that had at least two rooms, a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. I WAS SPOILED! Now I'm trying to adjust to the humble life again.

Caleb is a sleep on my bed in his bassinet with blankets wrapped along the edge pushed up against his ears so he can sleep through the family commotion. Sometimes I put him in Jakob's room (I've brought all the toys out of the bedroom, they're in the living room now.) But then I have no where to put Jakob in time out, and if he's not in time out he always finds one reason or another to go into the room Just as Caleb's fallen asleep. Crazy!

I had Leif look at four bedroom two bath houses in Missouri last night. He pulled up at least 7 and they were all just what I was looking for and the price range was between $30-80,000. Can you believe that!!?? We might have to go with a three bedroom. But a four bedroom would be ideal. We would have a separate office and we could fit in it indefinitely. We will grow out of a 3 bedroom. So we'll have to see what happens. There's no chance of moving within the next six months anyway.... DREAMING...

Flooding Where We Just Vacationed

Originally we were going to go to Nauvoo after the family reunion in Branson. That would have put up in Keokuk and Nauvoo right during all of the flooding that they are having. It looks pretty bad. Last we heard Jim and Bruce were doing okay, although Jim lost a huge tree from the storm and it was going to be a dangerous nightmare to get it out. But that was at the beginning of the week. We need to check on them.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last week at Branson and Home

The last week of our trip was fun. We enjoyed time with family and time just doing what we all wanted to do on our own. Jakob struggled the last week. His fever lasted around 4 days and his mood didn't perk up until we got home 2 days ago. So that definitely helped us look forward to coming home. But if he felt better it would have been a lot harder to come home. We loved it there. We love it here too. But it was a refreshing change.

We spent a few nights together eating dinner and playing cards or Acquire (which Leif was lucky enough to beat uncle Bruce at once). On Sunday everyone (except for us because Jakob was sick) went to church. They said that it was wonderful. We got together for dinner at Bruce and Chris' condo. We had family home evening (Joseph Karin's son did a short and sweet lesson about repentance.) We then watched a video about David and Goliath. During the prayer that night I really felt grandma's spirit close.

We also had breakfast together one morning and had a mini show from several of the Branson performers. It was long but entertaining. The fun part of the week was the weather and the Kid's Fest at Silver Dollar City. They had three really neat shows that were included in the price of our pass. It rained cats and dogs on Monday so we all decided to take on the rain and go to the shows. The first was a magic show that was amazing! It was a Real magic show where the magician cuts people in half and makes them disappear. CRAZY! (Jakob really enjoyed it because his Papa is always doing little magic tricks with him, but these were really big tricks) The next show was an ice skating circus show. It turned out really neat. We got front row seats because my dad is handicapped. The performers were dressed as different animals and were clearly professional skaters. Most of them were from Russia. I love ice skating. After each show, wherever we went to, Leif always took Jakob up to shake the performers hands. I thought that was really thoughtful and neat for Jakob.

The last full day we had in Branson was Tuesday and it was a Gorgeous day! Not too hot or cold, blue skies and sunshine. Leif took Jakob and went with everyone else and watched a Veggie Tales show. They then hung out together and went on the adult rides while Chris and those who didn't ride the rides played with the kids. My mom and I took Caleb and spent the afternoon shopping in all of the little shops and eating yummy food. I got a Wagon Train Rag Doll for my mother in law and myself and I got Leif another Irish Bowler Hat for Father's Day. My mom got Heather a Wentz Family sign to hang out on their new home. We had a great time!

The last three days were spent traveling. We drove from Branson to Kansas City and slept in a hotel. We were actually quite blessed. The night we spent at the hotel by the airport, there were strong thunderstorms. We also heard it was supposed to storm the day we flew out. We woke up in the morning and the storm had blown away and there was a just clouds. We flew out on time with no problems, and the storm his Kansas City shortly after we left. It was the BIG storm that flooded everything there. We caught a plain the next day and flew to Salt Lake City and spent the night at my parents house. The next morning (Friday) we spent with Heather and had a picnic lunch at the park. We were going to stay another night, but we decided that we were all ready to get home. So we drove home. Lucky we did or we would have missed the Father's Day BBQ with Leif's family yesterday. On the way home Jakob asked "So what hotel are we going to now?":) We laughed and told him we were on our way to our yellow barn. He was happy.

So, today is Sunday June 15, 2008 and I look back already and the trip seems like a dream. Thank Heaven's for pictures and this blog.

We won't forget this trip though. It was more then we could have ever hoped for. It was our first big family vacation and I'm not sure if we'll have another that compares for a long time! It was so neat to be able to spent such quality time with my parents. It was a joy for me to see the relationships between them and my little family strengthen.

We fell in love with Missouri and that whole part of the state while we were there. It rekindled our desire to move out there and buy a house. My uncle will sell us one of his as soon as we're ready. Hopefully next year at this time.
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